Growing up Ariel, the Little Mermaid, was by far my favorite Disney princess. I remember dressing up as her for at least four halloweens in a row. Since I’m now eighteen, trick or treating and all that fun is kind of out of the question, unless I take my little sisters around. But just because I can’t go beg for free candy does not mean I can’t dress up and enjoy the holiday. I wanted to go all out this year. My whole group of friends actually dressed up with me, but none of them have the ability to sew or the skill or creativity like I do. All the girls chose what princess’ we wanted to be, and of course I chose no one other than Ariel.

Making her costume was actually easier than I thought. The Goodwill was my friend during this process. Found a blue dress that matched the color perfectly, a white flowy shirt, and material to make the black corset. I cut the top of the dress off, and used the extra pieces to make this obnoxious big blue bow. It’s Halloween, go big or go home, right? Using stuffing from old stuffed animals, the sewing machine, and floral wire, I was able to make the bow look fluffy. I sewed up the top of the dress, and then I had at least half the costume done. Making the corset wasn’t so easy, thankfully my older sister had diagrams that I could follow. Now in the movie, Ariels corset is plain black, but the material I found was black with skulls and a little design on it, to give that extra touch and make it truly my own. I cut, sewed, and laced the corset. Finally I was done.

Halloween was perfect. Adventuring out to Del Osso farms to enjoy time with friends. I think best part about the costume, when people walked by I kept hearing girls say “Oh she’s Ariel.” It gave me reassurance that I actually did a good job making this costume homemade and original.
Hope your Halloween was wonderful!