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Coolest Homemade Megazord Costume 2

by Jon

Homemade Megazord Costume

Homemade Megazord Costume

Well, this Homemade Megazord Costume started when I saw Caron Azul's version of the Megazord. The amount of detail he put into it was amazing. I just had to try and make it. So I made some mock ups on paper, proportions and estimates on how it's going to look. Starting on 9/5/09 my friend Ian came over to work on his costume as well, which will be saved for another day.

I took note on measurements on my body and applied them on paper. I then started construction. I worked on these things in this order: Torso and shoulders, arms, waist, head, feet, legs, thighs. After everything was built and went through some touch ups, I went to paper mache everything to make it look more smooth and cover up those ugly cardboard edges, as well as improve the cardboard's overall toughness, which is essential to your costumes well being when you're walking around in the hustle and bustle of a busy neighborhood.

Then I made a little face mask with construction paper and some yellow sunglasses to hide my face through the helmet. I got some cans of spray paint (Red, Black, Blue, Yellow, Aircraft Gray, and Chrome) and started painting. Once I got the base colors done, I painted the detail for the decals to make them accurate to the toy and show. The project was finally finished 10/18/09.

I documented my journey building the costume on You Tube. I will gladly send a link to the videos and answer any other questions asked.

Building VLog (Follow the Video Responses):

Final Product:

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by: Drew

Words cannot describe how much this brings me back to my childhood. This is an awesome, creative, and kickass costume!

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Coolest Transformers Costume 14

by Chris Vanvooren
(Greenwood Lake, NY)

Transformers Costume

Transformers Costume

My name is Chris. My best friend(Jason) asked me to help him build a costume for his nephew(Mikey). He wanted to be a robot from a recent film. Mikey was upset because every year the same girl at his school won the costume contest. This was all the motivation three boys needed.

So, for this Transformers costume we took measurements of Mikey-height,girth,arm lengths etc. Then we gathered supplies! A card board box was the jumping off point. Tape,glue,spray paint,dryer vents,PVC pipe,wood moulding,overhead projector film,and a bunch of household stuff.

We made the body,arms and legs. We purchased the voice changing helmet for the coolness factor.The costume had yellow cab lights,red tail lights and all the flames and logos were made with hand cut stencils.

The school decided that no one should win or lose so the chance to outdo a 8 year old girl and here mom was thwarted.But every dad and all the middle school boys thought Mikey was the coolest. My friend and I were completely jealous and if we could have fit in it Mikey may never have gotten to wear it!

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This is awesome!!!
by: Jessica

This has to be the coolest costume ever!!! I'm not this talented to make something similar for my son, but I would love for him to win the costume contest at school, so we are going to give it a try, if you have any pointers I would love them (as long as it doesn't require any MAN power, my husband is currently in Iraq and I would love to send him pics of a costume I made :)

Thank you in advance!

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Coolest Transformers Costume 16

by Stacy
(Louisville, KY)

Transformers Costume

Transformers Costume

My nephew and neighbor's boy wanted to be Bumblebee and Optimus Prime. We looked at this website for ideas and came up with our own Transformers costume!

We began by finding cardboard boxes of all sizes. We collected star foam pieces and even plastic containers. We used silver tape that is used for dryer vents for the windows. We used the inserts of bicycle helmets, the star foam part, as their heads with straws, a part of a plastic containers.

Their transformer symbol was printed off of the internet and we traced it then went over with permanent marker. The arms and legs were made with capri sun boxes and the entire costume took about 4 cans of spray paint.

We sat in my garage constructing these things for about four weekends and had a blast doing them. The boys love their costumes.

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Coolest Transformers Costume 18

by Jody
(Radcliff, KY )

Transformers Bumblebee Costume

Transformers Bumblebee Costume

My son Gabe decided last year, after an impressive first attempt at a transformers costume (he was Optimus Prime), that this year he wanted to be Bumblebee.

So, my crafty husband had a year to think it over, and here it is!

Transformers Costume

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awesome costume
by: Michelle

Hi- I am really interested in finding out how you made this. I want to make it for my 5 year old for Halloween. It's our favorite one on here. Thanks so much.

Me too
by: Brandi

Let us know how to make it.

by: Winona

Your photo of the costume made, looks great. I'd like to know details of its construction, so that I can attempt this myself. Looking forward to hearing from you. Great Job!!!

by: Anonymous

Would love to make this asap so not too late for the big day! Oh do share!


love bumblebee you did a very authentic repro....willing to share construction blueprint??

by: Jman1998


by: Anonymous

I was wondering if you were willing to share?

by: alee


can you please tell me how you made the costume. my son is crazy about it

So Cool!
by: Grandma Beth

Hi! Every year I make my grandson's Halloween costumes. This year he wants to be the bee transformer and I am stumped. Are you willing to share your instructions/patterns? Thanks so much!

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Homemade Transformer Halloween Costume

by Rick B.
(Pea Ridge, AK)

This is a transformer suit that i mad out of fiberglass foam and plastic it took 3 months to do

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