This ostrich rider optical illusion costume was very challenging to make. Overall, though, it was worth it. I wore the costume at work and everyone loved it! It received some good laughs. Some people had trouble trying to figure out the optical illusion. :)

Starting with the ostrich body, I made it with pipe insulation covers, layered them until I got good strong base. I put two of them together to make the neck, covered the neck in a pleather type material and glued and/or taped it all together. I made 2 – 3″ elastic straps to hold it up on the inside, it is a little heavy.

I covered the body with black material and added a different color for the wings and the neck. I attached the neck to the body.
The head and beak are carved from Styrofoam, I used one round piece for the head and a cone shaped piece cut in half to make the beak. I then coated and painted the head gray and the beak orange. The eyes are made from clear flat glass pieces that I painted to look like eyes. I added fake eyelashes for a more feminine look.

I made the feet out of shoes with attached foam pieces, and then covered them with a pleather type material. The legs are out of the same material used for the feet and the neck. I measured my legs and made leg wraps with the material. I used elastic bands to hold them on my legs.

I used an old pair of pants and shoes, stuffed the pants with old clothes, material, etc. and glued them on top of the ostrich body. I glued an old pair of shoes to the pants.

I love making costumes and this was one of my favorites. I loved the reaction the costume received. It makes it all worth it!