Hi! I am Veyda and I am in high school. I have always wanted a mascot costume. The one I wanted was $2100.00.  So that was out of the question. I love to design characters and ZipZap is the design I made for me. I asked my Mom if I could get the supplies and I would make it myself. With a lot of research online and over two weeks of hard work I did it.

This ZipZap mascot costume has been totally made by hand, every stitch. The tail alone is 72 pieces sewn together to make it curve. The head is the most difficult. It is sculpted out of foam and the fur glued and sewn together .The eyes are made out of plastic mesh and hand painted. The head took about 14 hours for me to make. The feet are a pair of old sneakers with foam sculpted around them, glued to the sneaker and covered in fur.

The paws are made from a template of my hand and cut to design and hand sewn.This is my first design and I have since made more. I plan on going to college for Art and Design. I have started a little group of Fur friends and have assisted them in making costumes too. I have created many designs and started to post them and I am trying to sell them online.