I was Towelie from South Park for Halloween 2012 this year. I went with a group of 9 to make a pretty good South Park Family. I made this costume myself, and it was pretty easy actually, and around $40. My sister and I made it in one afternoon.

We first got two blue towels from Wal-mart, one white towel, black felt, and sparkle red puffy paint. We then went to Menards and got dowels and zip ties. We used our hot glue gun from home. We cut the towels to size, cut the white towel to make the eyes and white stripes, hot glued those on, and then added the pupils and eye brows from the felt, squiggled in the blood shot eyes with the puffy paint, used the dowels 10″ to get the shoulders to poke straight out and used white zip ties to make it stronger and hot glued those in, and lastly used cardboard front and back to get that nice clean finish to make it sturdy to the costume.

My sister needs to enter this contest as well as she made her costume, she went as AWESOM-O. If you have watched the show, then you can totally appreciate what we did :-) My sister and I got so many compliments on our costumes as they were so unique and original. The 4 main characters (the 4 kids, Kyle, Kenny, Cartman, and Stan) were purchased from a costume store. Everyone else was homemade!!!