After finding out we were pregnant with our third, and most likely last child, I begged my husband to let me make a big announcement. Since Halloween was 2 1/2 weeks away we decided to wait to tell everyone with an awesome couples costume! I got started right away with the focus piece…the oven! 

 I’ve seen costumes around that were a person in a huge box made to look like an oven, but that’s not very practical for chasing Batman and Robin (our boys) around! So I made a mini oven to wear like a necklace so I could take it off quickly if I needed to. A cereal box worked perfectly. After flipping the box inside out, I painted it and cut an opening for the oven door. I made decals on a Word document for the timer, (which is the due date!) logo and stove burners (which can’t be seen in the picture). Other details like the oven handle and burner dials were made out of scrap cardboard. We cut a square in the oven door for the window, which is important so you can see the bun, and taped a piece of plastic wrap on the inside.

 Next was my husband’s costume, which was so simple. I made a baker’s hat from poster board and tissue paper. Each were only a dollar at the dollar store and these were the only pieces I had to buy for both our costumes! A wooden spoon and white shirt completed the costume for my bun baker!

 To finish off my “look”, I decided I would dress as a house wife, which is ironic because I pretty much dressed up as myself! Our friends were so shocked and everyone loved our costumes, including my husband who thought he would feel stupid!