This Halloween was and amazing one for me. I love creating unique costumes that are realistic as possible. With so many ideas in mind, I finally decided to do a costume that could represent some individuals in today’s world. I am talking about those people that are always late, absent many times in the month, not finishing their paperwork on time because they are on social networks wasting time at work. So I created the “Your Fired” costume.

It took for me to reach 3 minutes late and my boss was waiting for me at my desk that morning. He grabbed me by my tie and beat me up giving me black eyes and a broken nose. When I got up from the floor as I faced him he picked up my computer keyboard and pushed it through my chest and bursted it out my back and said, Your Fired!!!!

My costume was very original, said by many. Some people had to touch and ask, how did you do it? Other laughed and shook their heads and many took pictures. I felt good and I had fun.

So now I am going to explain how I did this costume. First of all, I opened the keyboard and took everything out from the inside to make it lighter. Then I cut it in two parts, one longer than the other so that it look like if it is actually inside my body. I used wire hangers to place them on my shoulders and elastic bands and L shaped brackets to hold the keyboards against my chest and back.

I used my office work shirt and made a tear in the front and back so that the keyboard could fit and look like it busted through it. With some fake blood that I made I spread some in the areas that the keyboard entered and exited. I also spread blood on the back of the keyboard to give it a more realistic look, like it went inside my body. I made my eyes look like I had black eyes and my nose looked like it was bruised up using eyeshadow makeup. I also put some blood close to the nose to make it look like it was bleeding.

That’s it.. That’s my Your Fired costume!!! Thanks for reading!!