I am a pharmacist and work for Walgreen’s so when someone suggested I do something work related for the office costume contest, a prescription bottle costume immediately came to mind. It came together easier than I thought it would, and only cost me about $30 in supplies and about 6 hours of my life.

I started with the label, since I figured that would be the hardest part (it was). I had a regular sized Rx label I was working from, so I measured the length of it, and the length of the poster board, and realized it was about 7 times the length. So everything I measured from then on was exactly 7 times the size..e.g. if the name font was 1/8 inch high on the label, I made it 7/8 inches high on the poster board. I printed everything out on the computer (Arial font, if you are wondering) and once I figured out the correct size of the 1st font, I just eyeballed everything else on the computer screen and it all came out pretty close. I printed it all out and then cut all the wording/logos out and glued them onto the poster board where they belonged. The red box was just done with magic marker and a ruler…fancy.

The “vial” is made from 2 pieces of orange poster board taped together with mailing tape. Straps are just 2 pieces of elastic stapled to the poster board. Once I had the vial done I just used the mailing tape to attach the label to the vial. Easier said than done but I ended up using quite a bit of tape to essentially “laminate” the rest of the label so it would be a little more durable.

The cap is made from 5 Styrofoam discs purchased from a craft store. Luckily their sizes were right on so I just glued them all together, attached the logos to the top, used permanent marker to add the arrows/wording and then came the hard part, scooping out the middle so my head would fit in it. It was trial and error, but after about 30 minutes of spooning out Styrofoam (and getting half of it in my hair during fittings), I got a decent fit. I then poked two holes in the outer edges and attached a thin piece of elastic to hold the cap in place. Viola!