I was thinking to myself, “How could I do a fun spin on dressing up classy/fancy for Halloween”. My mind immediately went to magazine covers and GQ fit the bill perfectly. It was also super easy and cheap to make.

I took a big piece of cardboard, drew the logo and shape that I wanted to cut around and used a box-cutter to get clean edges. I used metal wiring and gorilla taped it around the frame so it would hold it’s structure. Then I used a shoe string and tied it from end to end so it would rest easily around my neck/shoulders. After applying some spray paint, typing out some fake article headlines and glue sticking them on, you’re good to go! This method should work easily with any magazine cover that you want to emulate.

The best part is being able to dress nice on Halloween. The hardest part was deicidng what the article headlines would be haha. I made them topical to my co-workers, friends and fam. I’d say it took roughly 5-6 hours to make and the majority of that time is just waiting for the spray paint to dry. Best to just paint and let it set over night — Then wake up and apply the fake article headlines. Everyone that saw it, LOVED the costume and demanded pictures. Easily the most complimented costume that I’ve ever made :) I even won 1st place in the costume contest at my work because of it!

I hope you all enjoy the costume. I’ve supplied 4 pictures. Two of me wearing it, one of the board by itself from the front and one of the board by itself from behind so you can better see how I put it together.