This Scary Pop Quiz costume was my son’s idea. As a middle-schooler, he decided that the most frightening thing ever is being caught of guard by his teachers. So the costume idea was born!

It was super simple to make. With an all white set of sweats, I took a blue permanent marker and added the notebook lines  (a spaghetti box is perfect for measurement). Next, I downloaded some gory font and blew the letters up to the size of a sheet of paper. After cutting them out and tracing them to the shirt, I filled them in with red paint. The writing on the back of the costume is in red permanent marker. The trimmings were easy too. The dog that ate his homework is safety pinned to the sleeve and a piece of his actual homework is safety pinned into the dog’s mouth. I wadded up a couple pieces of paper to pin to his legs. He made the paper airplane for his head, and lastly we added some notebook “droppings”.

This costume gained a lot of praise out this year, and kept him warm! A few people even played along and tried to quiz him in exchange for candy. One failed miserably asking him the capitol of a state, and answering for him with the capitol to another state!