This Carbon Knight costume was a fun costume to work on. It took a total of five months to complete. I used EVA foam (which can be found at your local LOWS for $20). I started with some templates I made and other simple shapes. Then cut them out on the foam. Then I hot glued all my parts together.

I also use 3mm craft foam for thinner parts such as the the helmet, fins and gloves. I used gumball containers, the little dome containers you get out of the gumball machines, and painted them with UV responsive green paint. I then laid LEDs in the shoulder and used El wire the helmet. The chest part is a cool little light that looks and acts like a Plasma ball (sorry none of the pictures could pick up the light effect).

The staff was all hand made as well using them as materials. The staff also has LED’s in it to make the orbs glow. I hope you all enjoy it and helps spark some inspiration on your next costume.