In 2005 we went in a Gwen Stefani and Harajuku Girls Group Costume with our own security guard, of course.

For Gwen, I bought a Malice in Wonderland costume, blond wig, and threw a corset I already owned over the top of it. The Harajuku girls bought matching black tank tops, skirts, and socks. We stenciled Love, Angel, Music, and Baby onto the tanks with white fabric pen and made their tiny hats from Dollar store hats and miscellaneous pieces of fabric etc that I had in my craft pile. Donny simply wore all black and a cell phone headset. We stenciled SECURITY onto his shirt also.

I have to say we were kinda surprised at how many did NOT know who we were! They really had to think about it at first…especially if we weren’t standing right next to each other. The upside? We went to see Gavin Rossdale’s band play that night and HE got it immediately!  He looked right at us, pointed, and laughed…totally worth it.