It all started with the strawberry then came the rest. I took a lot of time to design my costume and get such a realistic view of the fruits. My friends always support my crazy ideas and we were able to celebrate with style in Las Vegas Halloween 2011.

The strawberry started out with a discussion I was having with a couple of friends of what the seed color of a strawberry was and the three friends said “black” haha. I soon Googled it and proved them wrong. Yellow is the color of the seed. I then thought that would be a great idea for Halloween and like every year I make my own costume.

I made the seeds of tear drop rhinestones and the green are roster feathers. It was very difficult to get the seeds to look spaced out exactly the same way. As for the other costumes of fruits I helped make the watermelon, which didn’t require much work but definitely creativity.

Hope this is an inspiration to others to do this.