Me and my friends decided to be the Big Bang Theory for Halloween, but us all being girls it made it a lot funnier and harder. All we did was go to a few stores, usually a thrift store because its cheaper and the cast style isn’t that great, lol. So we found all of our clothing that matched as close as possible and we were pretty much done.

For Sheldon’s we were lucky and found a shirt, but if didn’t then we were planning on painting it on a shirt. We bought wigs that matched the hairstyles the best then cut them once we had them on. For Raj we used brown costume make-up, try finding one that doesn’t run, after a lot of dancing some of it was sweated off. We used tensor bands for our chest and they worked pretty good, but by the end of the night we either removed them or they slipped down. One things though…the costumes are very hot. Try wearing thinner clothes.

This costume was a huge hit and everyone wanted to take our picture. Not only was it a hit but we had a blast dressed as nerds and acting the part!