It was my first Halloween with my boyfriend, and I was so excited to finally have someone to dress up with – of course we had to do a couples costume! I looked all over for ideas, and not one to be above puns, instantly LOVED the “Peace and Quiet” idea… So, I got to creating our costumes.

I was going to be the mime for “quiet” (why, I still don’t know, I can never shut up!) and Ryan was going to be the hippie for “peace”. It was pretty simple to pull together everything for the mime. The hardest part was finding the black and white shirt and suspenders!

Finding things for Ryan to be a hippie was a little more challenging. We could not find a shirt for the life of us! Finally, at WalMart, we found a flowery womans shirt. All was well and good until we were out with friends the night of Halloween and Ryan realized his shirt was made to have boobs and a big ol’ pregnant belly! I’m still not conviced it was a maternity shirt, but he can’t look at pictures without bringing it up! He was so embarrassed that I chose that shirt of ALL the shirts for him to wear!

I did wear it a few Halloween’s later for a Mary Poppin’s shirt…shhh. Don’t tell him! ;)