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Coolest Homemade Ballot and Ballot Box Costume

by Kristen
(Glenwood, IL)

Homemade Ballot and Ballot Box Costume

Homemade Ballot and Ballot Box Costume

This Homemade Ballot and Ballot Box Costume is actually last year’s costumes but I received so many compliments on them that I decided to upload and share. Since Halloween last year was right before the election and we were die hard Obama supporters, I decided to do creative and political statements.

With a 1 and 2 year old, I opted to design ballot and ballot box costumes. For the ballot box, I found a box that was big enough to fit over her head. I cut out holes for her head and arms. We had paint at home leftover from previous home improvement projects so I used that to paint the box. I used blue painters tape to tape the box off and paint the stripes. I used felt letters and stars to decorate the box and display the message. I cut a slit in the top of the box and hot glued a piece of foam in the slit to resemble a ballot that had been cast.

For the ballot, I used the same foam paper and attached a ribbon on both sides to rest on her shoulders. I used felt letters and shapes to write the ballot message. We used glitter glue and star stickers to decorate their faces.

Their costumes were the talk of the Chicago and well loved by everyone, well the Obama fans of course!

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by: Anonymous

OMG so cute

Great idea!
by: Cherise

This is so CUTE and unique! And your girls are absolutely adorable!!

by: Brie

These girlies are so adorable! What a wonderful and original idea.

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Coolest Quarter Coin Costume 3

by Carrie
(Etters, PA)

Homemade Quarter Coin Costume

Homemade Quarter Coin Costume

My son was in a Halloween parade with his Cub Scout pack and they were to dress up as something from a specific part of the US. Our den had “North East” and since my son is a huge coin collector we figured that a New York state Quarter Coin Costume would be perfect (and of course the Philadelphia mint is in the North East as well).

I found some high res images of quarters online and set my printer to print them at a huge size (it staggered the image onto several sheets of paper). I then put it together like a puzzle and taped it onto a big round piece of cardboard. I then covered the whole thing in clear shelf liner paper and attached the two halves with clear packing tape (two pieces put together – both sticky sides together to make a strap.)

Everyone loved it!

 Quarter Coin Costume

 Quarter Coin Costume

Comments for Coolest Quarter Coin Costume 3

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by: MomTo3Boys

Very nice job! It looks so realistic.

by: Nancy

I was actually going on doing something similar for Halloween this year but didn't know where I could find huge, round pieces of cardboard. Do actually buy them like that or did you have to find cardboard pieces and cut them out yourself?


love it!
by: Kathy

My daughter has been wanting to be a quarter for Halloween for 2 years now, and this year I promised I would make her this costume. I love the one you did! It looks great! Where did you find big pieces of cardboard? Also, can you tell me what site you used for printing out the picture of the quarter?

Thanks so much!

Great Costume
by: Rick Hidalgo

I have a Dollar store called The Four Quarter Store and more. I would love this costume for marketing purposes. Would you make one for us? We would be interested in buying one.

Thank you!
by: 3sons4me

Thank you for your kind compliments on my sons costume. I didn't realize I had comments here waiting so I apologize to those who wrote to me last year.

For the cardboard I just cut circles out of a large cardboard box. I can't remember where I got it, but I just found something that seemed large enough and cut out circles.

I don't remember which site I found the quarter images, but most likely I just googled 'quarter' and then clicked 'view images' at the top of the google search and then clicked 'large'. That will take you to many higher res images of quarters. I just looked for the prettiest, shiniest one I could find.

I'm sorry, but with 3 young kids I have my hands full making costumes so I wouldn't be able to make any extras. Honestly it wasn't very hard to make. You could even take a simpler route and have a local print shop (Staples etc) print out one large image (instead of piecing together smaller prints from your home printer). Then just spray glue it onto cardboard.

Good luck everyone!

Contact Paper...
by: Kathy

I found the exact image you used - which I loved - except I used Gettsburg for the backside since we are from PA! I tried the contact paper - I wanted it protected because she is going to wear it to a Girl Scouts party, as well as a school party, and then Trick or Treating and wanted it protected - but I was surprised at how fuzzy it made it. So I took it off. Even though the contact paper says clear, it really isn't. Yours looks great - did you use a special kind of Contact paper?

by: Kathy

BTW...I did originally print it out on 4 sheets of paper wide by 4 sheets of paper tall and attempted to cut and glue them together, but it was harder than I thought, not to mention it took alot of printer ink!! So I took the image on a flashdrive to Staples and they printed it out about 35" wide for $5 each side. Can't be beat!!

by: Kathy

Also, the cardboard I used to glue the printout on I purchased from Uhaul for $7. It's a "large mirror" box.

Coin URL
by: Laura

Would you mind sharing the URL to the front of the quarter? I can't seem to find a hi-res version of the front. I have the file for the back.


More tips!
by: 3sons4me

So glad that so many of you are making this quarter. Yes, having it printed at Staples would be much easier. Mine was just a 'fly by the seat of my pants' experiment and just printed it out at home. Surprisingly you can't tell that it's printed on multiple pieces.

As for the clear contact paper, it's just regular contact paper from Walmart. I guess it might have toned it down some, but I wouldn't really say it was fuzzy or anything. It had kind of a matte finish. Maybe it depends on the brand?

When I pieced together the multiple images I left plenty of room for the images to overlap (I didn't cut them each off at the exact point of matching up to each other). I had a few inches of overlap for each piece so that I could move them around as need and still have "wiggle room".

As far as applying the image to the cardboard, I used Spray Mount. It's a spray adhesive that comes in a can. It can be purchased at craft and art stores. You simply spray the paper and then every inch of it is covered so that you don't have to worry about corners and edges coming up.

Good luck everyone!

O My!
by: Anonymous

OMG! I So need such a costume for my son!!!! He's been asking to be a quarter for the better part of a month! He loves quarters and collects them and he's 3, and can think of nothing better to be than a quarter!

quarter image
by: Kathy

I first used Con-tack paper to try to laminate it, but didn't like the results. So I took it off and found another product at Wal-Mart - Laminate paper that comes in a roll made by Duck. It worked great! Very clear, duarable, and made it shiny!

I don't remember what site I used for the images (front and back), but they look like the same as the one on this page - except I used Pennsylvania for the back instead of New York. I will happily email you the file if anyone wants it. My email is

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Coolest Homemade Pipe Organ Costume

by Jeserae L.
(Niagara Falls, NY)

Homemade Pipe Organ Costume

Homemade Pipe Organ Costume

This is our daughter Phoenix, she is a Homemade Pipe Organ Costume made from scratch. It took almost a month to make it. It all started from a cardboard box and glue construction paper and the best part about this costume is that it actually plays, people can come up to her and play it.

Its amazing, I hope that you like it as much as we do. We even put wheels on it to help maneuver. A lot of time, sweat and tears went in to it. She loves being able to be in a parade and having her dad spend so much time to make this costume for her. Its great because it is such a family effort into it and she loves music so much. She is wearing a gold wig type thing to keep with he brassy look

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Coolest 70s Theme Costumes

by Rachel Allen
(Wilton, IA)

Homemade 70s Theme Costumes

Homemade 70s Theme Costumes

Bigger is Better... Fore these 70s theme costumes, we made the Afros from balloons, paper mache and pillow stuffing to make them super huge. They weren't heavy & the guys got a lot of comments on them at the Halloween party we went to.

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Homemade Afros
by: Anonymous

Are there instructions on how to make the super size Afros? Those are hilarious!

by: Anonymous

can you post instructions on how to make the afros? they are hilarious!

by: Anonymous

very interesting choice I think.

by: PoolBoy

Please, oh, please post the instructions on how to make these wigs!

This is the best thing I've seen in years!!

by: Anonymous

These wigs are super cool - great idea!

Directions-Super Cool
by: Anonymous

Can someone please post directions?? I have looked all over the internet for some but can't find any (directions). The would go perfect with our Relay for Life theme and sounds as to be cheap!

those are the coolest
by: Anonymous

please please please post the instructions on how to make those wigs they are awesome

by: Anonymous

i have the instructions on the 70's afro!!! let me know.

by: Anonymous

Anyone figure out how to make the afro's yet???

Instructions Please!! :)
by: Anonymous

If anyone could post instructions I'd really appreciate it!! Thanks!!

by: Anonymous

IF YOU HAVE THE INSTRUCTIONS, JUST POST THEM HERE ALREADY!! WHY DO WE NEED TO LET YOU KNOW?? (this is to the person who wrote 2nd to last comment)


by: Anonymous

I'm sure she will post them now....((eye roll))

Afro Wig speculation
by: Anonymous

I'm not associated with anyone with this costume, but as a crafter, and using the items they listed (balloons, paper mache, and pillow stuffing) I would guess the wigs were made like this:

Blow up a large balloon (almost as large as you want the wig to be) and tie it closed. Apply paper mache (strips of newspaper or other paper dipped in some craft/Elmer's type glue with a little water added to it) to the balloon, overlapping the strips. Let dry. Repeat paper mache process. Paper mache the whole balloon EXCEPT where the face goes (think motorcycle helmet shape.) Let the second application of paper mache dry.

Once it is all dry, pop the balloon and remove it from the "form." Ball up a large handful of pillow stuffing (a.k.a. Fiber Fill) and glue it (I'd use a glue gun) to the paper mache form. Add more "balls" around the form, fluffing and shaping it as you go. Add more layers if necessary. You could also use a spray glue (Elmer's or another brand) to glue the Fiber Fill to itself to make layers. Once the glue is all dry, spray paint the wig whatever color you want it. The spray paint should act as a sort of "hairspray" and hold it all together. That should do it.

This is just a guess as to how THEY did it. Feel free to tweak this as needed to make it work. If anyone has any better ideas, please submit them. Good luck!

Afro hair
by: Evelin

I think it's easiest, if you glue the pillow stuff to a pillbox cap.

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