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Coolest Homemade Mime Costume

by Katrina K.
(Jackson, NJ, USA)

Homemade Mime Costume

Homemade Mime Costume

It took me a long time to figure out what I wanted to be for Halloween, but it finally came to me. A Homemade Mime Costume would be a unique costume plus it would stand out from all the others. I was just looking through my clothes and when I found a black and white striped shirt, the first thing that came to me was being a mime.

How I made and designed the costume was easy. The only two things I purchased were the makeup and the hat. Most of the other stuff I was wearing I had already.

You can buy any kind of white or black face paint for only about 1$. First I put the white face paint all over my face, and then when that dried I made a black triangle under my eyes. I bought black lipstick for about 50 cents and put in all over my lips. The hat I bought at a Halloween store for only 5$. It looks like a Paris hat with a little piece of fabric sticking up in the middle of the hat.

The socks I used white soccer socks I had but you can just use any long white socks. I found a pair of black and white shoes in my closet so I used that to match everything too.

I used plain black sweats and a black and white striped shirt for the clothing part. My friend gave me her suspenders so I just added that to make the costume look better. I also had a pair of plain white gloves to use for the costume too.

The best thing was that I got lots of compliments.

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i need to be a mime!
by: Anonymous

please help me I cant find a long sleeve black and white shirt anywhere!

Borrow ...
by: LouLou !!

I am going to borrow but change it and be a dead mimer !! Thanks

by: Renata

WOW,thanks so much for this great idea! I don't have any money for my Halloween costume, and now I can make one with my own clothes! You're idea is AWESOME, thank you so much!

by: Olivia

Thanks so much for that idea, it is going to work perfectly the only thing I don't have is the suspenders. Do you know where I can find them? and Halloween is only is 6 days, this wont take much time at all to put together.

Great costume idea!
by: Anonymous

I found a striped black and white shirt at target for $9 and suspenders at walmart for $6. I had everything else at home. Thanks for the great costume idea. So easy!

Black & White shirt
by: Anonymous

Target has black and white long sleeved shirts right now

by: Anonymous

thanx that is a really good idea!!!!!!

by: Piper

this is what i am being! but i cant find suspenders anywhere!

by: Katrina

they have suspenders at target or at any of the halloween stores.

by: haley combs

thanx sooooo much very cute ill use that and i might share it with others!!!

great idea
by: halloween rules

OMG im soooo being this for Halloween im going to Target now!!!!!!!

by: Anonymous

My parents didn't really have the money to get my brother and I both costumes so they said we will have to make them!!! I was walking down one night to see what my mom was doing and i saw her looking at this costume and immediately i knew what I wanted to be!!! My mom was shocked (I am very indecisive!!!) But yea thanks for the ideas. It was very inexpensive.

by: mime!!

I love the costume. I was at value vilage(:/) last night trying to find something, because I only have three days left now. I own a shirt, and i bought suspenders, but I don't have the pants, do you think a skirt with fishnet tights would also work? What if I added a red necktie?

by: Nicole .S


Loved the Idea
by: Branigan

I love being something that is different from everybody else! This was a awesome idea, I am just making it a little more girly. I made a black and white tutu to wear with it instead of pants and found suspenders with bows on them! Hope to have fun...Thanks for the great costume idea!

by: Halloween2010

Thank you for your amazing suggestion! I was at a lost of ideas yesterday for a party and needed a cheap costume. This ended up costing me a total of 15-20 bucks.

This was great, and I got sooo many compliments on it!

by: happy face

cant find suspenders !!

by: katrina

you can buy suspenders at hot topic or any halloween store.

by: dtd

thx i <3 this!

It worked!!!
by: Anonymous

This worked great for me! I hade evrything but saspenders, wich I got at clair's pretty cheep.

by: Anonymous

I'm so excited for halloween this year im 16 and gonna be a princess

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Coolest Cemetery Angel Human Statue Costume 3

by Liz M.
(New Orleans)

Homemade Cemetery Angel Human Statue Costume

Homemade Cemetery Angel Human Statue Costume

I decided that I wanted to go as a cemetery angel human statue costume for Halloween. I knew that this was going to take A LOT of work, but I felt that I was up for the challenge.

I started by building the wings. First I made a frame out of coat hangers and then began to cover them in paper mache. This process took many hours of gluing and drying. I sculpted the shape of the feathers out of Styrofoam that had come with the packing to our new television and then did more layers of paper mache.

The top and bottom of the outfit is made out of a papers canvas tarp that I bought at Loews and sewed and painted. It has a chicken wire frame underneath the front to help the statue keep its shape. I also found white cotton gloves that I could paint in order to save myself from having to paint my arms and bought moss at a craft store to glue to the costume.

The head piece was also crafted out of paper mache and took several attempts to get just right. This is probably my favorite costume that I have ever made. It won me first prize at the costume contest at my work and was a big hit in the French Quarter of New Orleans when I went out for Halloween!

Cemetry Angel Costume

Cemetry Angel Costume

Comments for Coolest Cemetery Angel Human Statue Costume 3

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Holy Smokes!!!
by: Mariah

How has no one commented on this yet?! This is absolutely amazing & beautiful! Have you ever thought about doing this as a job? I'm sure you could make lots of money.

by: Anonymous

That is absolutely amazing! Very well done!!

I'm speechless!
by: Dawgpause

This is by far the most awesome costume I have ever seen. It looks like something straight out of a Hollywood studio. I think you should do this for money and give up your day job. It's really a work of art.

One word..
by: Rose


coolest human statue coustume
by: Debbie


by: Angela L.

Can't believe my eyes! LOOKS SO REAL

by: Anonymous

Your creation is amazing!

by: VeronicaZ

WoW! The idea and the costume is absolutely AMAZING! You did an incredible job. The details are stunning and so realistic. You deserve to win!

you are gifted
by: Anonymous

you are truly talented best costume idea It came out amazing!!!

The best!!!
by: Anonymous

I'm sorry but I might just have to steal this idea, for my son, he absolutely loved it and wants me to give it a try

Weeping Angel
by: Anonymous

This is an awesome costume! It reminds me of the Weeping Angels from Doctor Who (scary)!

by: Amber

This is the most amazing costume I have EVER seen!!! Well done!!!

by: tammy

can you please tell me how you made this outfit,how you do the hat and is that paint or spray paint you use,and how you do your face,please please

by: Ray

Man, I have to give your props! This is one way cool costume. Looks awesome! One of the best that I've seen so far. Great job!

by: Terri

Incredibly creative!

Eerie and wonderful
by: Christina

It's just gorgeous! Disturbing and awesome. Great job!!

Love This
by: Tammy

I would really really really like this for my daughter for next year please let me know if u ever plan to sell this beautiful work of art.

by: Anonymous

I have to agree that this costume is definitely unique however, it gives me a very unsettling vibe about it. Im sure lots of people will view this costume as a huge award winning costume which Im sure it will win big. Love the idea though just maybe not something that I see when I go to my moms grave site.

great thanks
by: Anonymous

always have to start thinking about next years right after this years Halloween has passed and was really clueless for ideas and uninspired, but I love this idea! May just have to try it

Can I know more
by: Anonymous

so you say you use paper canvas and chicken wire, how do you get into this? do you have a zipper, velcro? Is it all rigid or flexible? Once again love it? (I posted the message on the 4th also)

love it, but some more detail please?
by: Jackie

I really love the costume, and the whole theme of the costume. I plan to be this for Halloween and a Halloween dance. I'm getting a head start on it, i know, but i find myself puzzled. You told us how to do it, but its not really into much depth.

You talked about the coat hangers and all, but they're aren't any pictures of the actual making of this, are there? How did you get the moss to stick to the costume and wings? I saw makeup on your face, it looks simple enough too. How did the wings attach to your costume? was they're any spray painting involved in this?

You talked about a chicken wire frame underneath the tarp, do you really need it? how should you shape it?

You scraped over the head piece a tiny bit, just to tell us it was difficult, can i have some more detail on the making of that?

Overall i just kinda wished you had told us more specifically. Amazing job on the costume though!! I'm a girl, and i suppose i'll just stuff my hair in the cap? Sorry to bother you, i just really want to get this right. Love it! Please answer!

face and hair
by: Anonymous


I was wondering how you did your hair and face. Is there makeup on your face or is that a mask (Incredible that I can't even tell!) I just can't seem to get over the eyes, HOW did you do that? and the hair, wig?

just amazing, truly great!

Just too cool
by: HighlandMandy

Amazing!...Your Imagination and obvious vision for just getting it outstanding...looks so real.


thank you
by: posted nov 4th

Well I said I wanted to try your idea, and I did, however had to do a few things different. Hope you check out my costume which I'll post in the upcoming days, and then wait for Elad to put onto the site. I often don't wear a costume more then once, but I may have to wear a few times, I loved it

by: Hatsune Miku

I saw you at Comic Con! You inspired me to be a staue for Halloween! It's kinda funny I found you here! XD

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Coolest Homemade Black Jack Dealer and Cocktail Waitress Costumes

by Lea
(Orange County, CA)

Homemade Black Jack Dealer and Cocktail Waitress Costumes

Homemade Black Jack Dealer and Cocktail Waitress Costumes

The title, Homemade Black Jack Dealer and Cocktail Waitress Costumes, says it all. You can walk up to the table to play a few hands by throwing down $1.00 to $5.00 and get real chips. If you'd like a drink you can just ask the cocktail waitress who is standing near by. If you are not playing at the table, the waitress will be more reluctant to serve you. User beware! If you lose your money, I am not to be held responsible! Must be 21 to play.

We bought a mini black jack table from a toy store, took it apart to make two halves and then used two guitar straps and bolted them to the bottom of one the halves of the platform. The rest of the costume we had lying around the house. This costume set up back 20.00 MAX.

We took first price at two different Halloween Costume parties. The dealer actually made some money too!

Comments for Coolest Homemade Black Jack Dealer and Cocktail Waitress Costumes

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Thats so cool
by: Anonymous

My boyfriend and I are going to the casino for the contest. We are using your idea. hope we win, thanks.. Yours was the best I saw!

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Coolest Disco Ball Costume

by Anna

Homemade Disco Ball Costume

Homemade Disco Ball Costume

For this homemade disco ball costume you'll need:

Several layers of paper mache, a coat of silver paint, and tons of small glue-gunned on cardboard tiles (covered with tinfoil) and THE HUMAN DISCO BALL is born (complete with internal wallet and drink holder).

The best part of this homemade disco ball costume is that when I was out clubbing, the ball reflected the lights everywhere, just like the real thing (not to mention that it helps maintain personal dancing space!).

Comments for Coolest Disco Ball Costume

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good good
by: Gris

hahahha THIS is cool ;) Thanks for sharing,it's perfect for partying heheehe

Internal drink holder?
by: Anonymous

I love this!! I went to a pre-Halloween 70s disco party and that would have been awesome to wear (though a little tough to dance the Hustle...) :)

What did you mean by an internal wallet and drink holder? Did you keep a bottle of water inside or did you have a spot to keep drinks you bought while out?

The Baise

how did you make the circle shape.

Making Ball
by: Anonymous

Paper Mache (lots of layers) over a yoga ball!

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Coolest Homemade Egyptian Royalty Halloween Costume 2

by Karen
(Cumming, GA)

Homemade Egyptian Royalty Halloween Costume

Homemade Egyptian Royalty Halloween Costume

This Homemade Egyptian Royalty Halloween Costume was created using a moving box. The hygrogliphics were fashioned after some online research. The headpiece is a piece of cardboard. A pair of old stockings helped create the illusion of real skin for the legs and feet.

The compliment to this was another of the same except a Egyptian Princess instead of Prince. For that we fashioned a headpiece out of chain as you see many women in pictures wearing.

Comments for Coolest Homemade Egyptian Royalty Halloween Costume 2

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well done
by: tayah

fantastic work what did you make the costume with?

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Coolest Homemade Lion Tamer Halloween Costume

by Tomi
(Torrance, CA)

Homemade Lion Tamer Halloween Costume

Homemade Lion Tamer Halloween Costume

This is a Homemade Lion Tamer Halloween Costume inspired by Brittany Spears concert wardrobe. Red tails and a fringed skirt over an embroidered bodice that laces up the back. There are no other children's lion tamer costumes out there. Roar!

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