Halloween has always been my favorite holiday. For as long as I can remember I’ve always been intrigued by the spooky and the strange, which is probably why Tim Burton has always been a huge inspiration for me. This past year I decided to create my own version of one of Burton’s most likeable and memorable characters: Emily, from The Corpse Bride.

While there are versions of this costumes sold in party stores, I wanted to be original and create one of my own. I started by finding a white corset that resembled Emily’s from Frederick’s of Hollywood. After I got the corset, I knew I needed to find a long, white skirt to match, which actually proved to be quite a mission. I eventually found the perfect one from a Goodwill store in my area. Next, I bought the veil and a flower crown from Joann’s. I also got a ring from here too.

To recreate the tear in Emily’s dress exposing her ribs, I bought a children’s skeleton costume from Target and cut out the rib portion. I then sewed it to the corset in the correct area, creating the effect that my ribs were popping out. To recreate Emily’s skeleton arm, I decided to paint the image on my skin directly. In order to complete the look I did my makeup to match, and drew on Emily’s signature eyebrows. Overall, I was very excited about the finished project!