My son just loves The Scrambled States of America. It is a children’s books by author and illustrator Laurie Keller. When I asked him what he wanted to be for Halloween he told me Pennsylvania or Oklahoma. So I said Okay. Not sure how we are going to do this, I did know it had to be tough enough for a seven year old. He would have to be able to put it on himself at school, parties, etc. This happen a couple of times up to Halloween.

I went with foam! Took his book and had to draw the state on the foam twice. We are going to make him a state sandwich! with a couple cans of spray paint, hot glue gun and some foam. It is really easy. I left the sides open and he is able to put his hands through the sides or he can tuck them in. He can also wear it under his arms to be totally freed up. I have attached shoulder straps to hold it up if he wants. It is pretty flexible to what he needs to do with it on.

The spray paint is the hardest part. I like to get the shading correct. Pennsylvania’s glasses were a little tough but I think we did pretty well. My son is so excited to have these just to play dress up with. They look just like the characters and my son has decided I will be making all 50 states. I am not sure how we are going to do Rhode Island or Hawaii. The best part is that they are pretty durable and will last a while.

The work was well worth it. I love to see the reaction he gets. People think it is so funny that a seven year old wants to be PA or OK for Halloween. No super hero here. The states are his heroes. Thanks to Laurie Keller!