Not only is Halloween my favorite holiday, it brings out the competitor in me. My sisters-in-laws host an annual Halloween party, which includes a new theme each year with high stakes costume competitions (Pizza Hut gift cards, Heck yes!!!) for individuals and couples. Fortunately for me, my husband is a great sport about it and wears whatever I make for him so that we coordinate appropriately for the theme, which this year was “the 80’s.” I knew I wanted to make costumes based on toys/games of the 80’s, but nothing too obvious (aka-PacMan, Cabbage Patch Dolls, My Little Pony, etc.).

After a TON of brainstorming (because costume-making is not a sprint, it’s a marathon, people!), I decided on Jason and I dressing up as My Buddy and Kid Sister! For Jason’s costume, I couldn’t find a striped shirt I deemed “My Buddy appropriate,” so I bought a yellow t-shirt and painted stripes (except for the blue stripes…I used painter’s tape for those to save myself some time) on it and paired it with a pair of old denim overalls I found at my mom’s house. For my costume, I bought a white pair of painter’s overalls online and used a ruler and pink paint marker to make pinstripes on them and found a long sleeve shirt that looked cutesy enough to use under the overalls. With the addition of a red hat and yellow label for Jason’s overalls, a white visor, label, and pink ribbons for my hair, and eye liner to use as freckles for both of us, our costumes were complete! And in case you were wondering…the Pizza Hut pizza we paid for using our gift card was delicious!!!