Halloween is about ghost and goblins, and this gave me the idea to go to a classic movie for inspiration. I watched the original Wizard of Oz and decided that the costume I would make would be the blue flying monkey who scares everyone to this day.

Finding my creative original costume idea:

I started off by printing a picture of the monkey and then going to the fabric store to find the right skin for him, I ended up going with a blue flannel material because it matched the skin the best.

Starting to make a monkey takes a few tries:

I went home and created my outfit, first starting as a one piece jumpsuit (which because of my belly, looked awful) and ended up being a shirt and pant set.

Adding a little fur look for accent:

I then bought two wigs so I could have the fur for the arms and legs match the hair on the monkey’s head. I also made a tail with fur on the end of it too. It all started coming together, it was great. I have only put it on about 10 times now to get it right.

Creating a blue monkey face was fun:

I found a cool mask online and ordered it so that the monkey face would look realistic. I mixed the correct color of blue for the skin and I added blue hair to the face too. The blue skin actually took two layers to get the right color. Little by little I turned into this scary monkey and it was great because I could not find any other flying monkey costume that looked like mine.

After about 2 yards of fabric, 2 blue wigs, 2 tubes of face paint (one blue and one white) and 2 weeks of time, I was done. I now was a scary blue flying monkey. Time to see what others thought.

Getting the initial reaction from someone:

I went and asked my neighbor if he would mind taking my picture since I was done making my costume and it would be hard for me to take one of myself and he agreed. I put on my costume and knocked on his door and the reaction was priceless. He and his girlfriend both jumped back and just kept saying “oh my gosh, oh my gosh that is so cool.”

Going out to a party, great success:

Later I went to a Halloween party with lots of people and got such cool reactions it was great. Some people said it was so very creepy and other just said it was great and so original, I even had someone tell me it looked so realistic is was crazy. Go flying Blue Monkey’s !

Needless to say, I think I picked the right costume to make and now I have to think of what to make for next year. I hope you guys enjoy this picture as much as I have enjoyed it.