Every year we have a costume contest at work and I always try to make the costume.  My boss loves Gumby and brought in his bought costume and I said something about being Pokey. My friend wanted to dress up also and so I came up with us being Gumby’s enemies. I kept this a secret from my boss so that we could make trouble for him and he would not know who it was.

I made the heads out of cardboard boxes and covered in vinyl.  I cut out eyes and placed screens on the inside.  I then hot glued the eyes and made the G and J out of paper along with the mouths.  In order for us to be able to move at work we had to buy all red clothes but the heads are totally hand made. Halloween my boss dressed up and went out to show everyone and then we put our costumes on and went out and sprung our trap on the boss.  Who would not want to trip up or make trouble for the boss.