First I used a clothes basket I found at Goodwill and decorated it with yellow feathers by hand sewing the yellow boas that I found online to the basket for my Big Bird costume. This basket made the first part of the head piece by turning it upside down and making it into a hat. Then I went and got a simple undecorated mask to make the second part with. I took two round styrofoam balls and drew two black pupils on them and then pink and blue fabric was glued on to the styrofoam to complete the eyes.

The beak was made out of two kids party hats bent in two and I simply glued yellow foamish fabric I found at the craft store on to it. Then I just simply glued it all onto the mask and after that dried I glued the yellow feathers onto the mask to complete it, this way the mask could be pulled up for me to talk on the mic or have a drink.

The gloves are simply yellow dish washing gloves that I glued feathers onto the top. Everyone wanted to buy me drinks all night and the reaction was great!