This costume was inspired by a particularly messy movie theatre my daughter and I visited. We had an “aha” moment and thought this would make a great original and funny Halloween costume.

Hence, the Movie Theatre Floor Costume was born! We used all dark clothing in the form of a turtleneck and black pants,  because you know, movie theatres are dark! We then attached bits of trash commonly found in movie theatres – discarded popcorn boxes, candy wrappers, pacifiers, bits of popcorn, hard candies, napkins, ticket stubs, etc. We attached each item with glues or pins based on how attachable it was to the clothing’s fabric.

For her hair, we wrapped straws and lollipops in the strands. Her face make-up included shoeprints like she’d been stepped on. She got lots of smiles and laughs when she told people what her costume was. Without a doubt, it was the only one of its kind in the school’s Halloween parade!