I pride myself on never repeating costumes and making them the most creative I can think of.  Last year I think I had a pretty good winner.  Luckily I am in marketing and had some help getting this bad boy printed.  I had it rigged with a weight lifting belt so I could tighten it around my back to keep it standing upright !

My boyfriend went as Sam the butcher.  I think the best part was going to a “masquerade” party and having the Brady’s wear mini masks. Some people got it but others just looked at me like I was out of my mind.  Some challenges were walking near anything electrical since the old time metal rabbit ears extended to about 9 feet high.  Using the restroom also proved to be a bit of an issue but I managed.  Other than that, I did get some good laughs.  My Halloween motto is “go big or go home”. Happy Halloween !