The Terror that Flaps in the Night was my favorite childhood hero ever. I looked at this website as a guide to making my Darkwing Duck costume because there are none of these costumes out there. This is how I put it all together.

  • I took a different approach and cut a hat like a visor and made two eye holes with a mesh screen to conceal my eyes.
  • A purple cloth that was glued around the eyes.
  • I spray painted a yellow bill for the beak with a second bill of a hat stapled on for the bottom mouth piece.
  • The mask has Velcro attached and can be easily taken on and off.
  • A black hat was sprayed gray with the natural black of the hat for the stripe.
  • Three cans of Montana gold spray paint were used for the jacket.
  • Days of drying and re applying followed.
  • A bed sheet was carefully painted on each side so the colors didn’t bleed through.
  • The buttons are plastic coins painted neon yellow that I screwed onto the jacket.
  • Yellow socks and yellow painted flip flops were used for my duck feet.
  • I used a store bought gun that can shoot beer pong balls and possibly a smoke bomb and a car funnel for the gun!

It was inspiring to see my hero come to life. Everyone that saw me knew who I was even if they didn’t remember the character’s exact name. Everyone loved the costume. They all told that I nailed it.

The hardest part about making this costume was taking it off!