My husband and I were hosting a masquerade party and needed to come up with a creative costume that still covered his face. I noticed we had a basic respirator mask, got a wild hair, and in the words of Bane, “let the games begin!”

I started by simply drawing directly on the mask with permanent markers, replicating what I saw in the pics of Bane I grabbed off the Internet for reference. I kept the original rubber band straps on the mask to make sure it would stay on firmly. Then, using rubber backed canvas I cut into the shapes I needed. I hot glued them to the mask.

I then needed to make the hosing that goes over his head I would assume for oxygen. I didn’t have any hosing, but I did have some corduroy fabric that would give me the ribbed look I was going for. I wrapped the corduroy around plastic bendy straws and hot glued it on. It was quite effective in achieving the look I was going for.

Finally, after detailing it out, I fitted it to his head and secured it with good ole Velcro! For his vest and obligatory cargo pants, I hit up Goodwill, and since my hubby wasn’t down with shaving his head, we improvised with a toboggan I knitted for him!

His mask was a hit, I love a challenge!