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Coolest Homemade Octopus Costume 4

by Kristin
(Redondo Beach, CA)

Homemade Octopus Costume

Homemade Octopus Costume

I believe I had a very original Homemade Octopus Costume. I had some shiny pink material left over from the year before and was brainstorming what to do with it. My roommate threw out an octopus and I latched on to that real quick. Rather than being all shiny and pink, I thought it would be cute to have a kind of patchwork octopus.

My roommate helped a lot with the design and execution. We started with copying a “pattern” from one of my hoodie long sleeve shirts. From that I made the shoulder and hood piece and attached sleeves from a different piece of fabric. Then I attached a piece of fabric to the hood in order to stuff it with batting.

The remaining six arms were fairly simple in the beginning. I just sewed tubes and put an angle at the end, then stuffed each with a coat hanger and batting. Attaching the arms to the rest of the piece was a little more difficult. They were quite thick at the ends so the sewing machine would not work, I had to sew them on by hand.

Lastly I added two googley eyes to the head. The funnest part about it was that the coat hangers inside the arms allowed me to have a cup holder for the whole night.

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Coolest Octopus Costume 7

by Nicola
(Chelmsford, Essex)

Homemade Octopus Costume 7

Homemade Octopus Costume 7

My Octopus costume was made by me! It took a long time but was well worth it! I got 3 pairs of purple leggings which I stuffed with polyester wadding, in a roll as to not get lumpy legs! I then put garden wire through the middle of each leg to create the curve at the end. I used a sewing machine to sew these together as it was hard work! These then hung off my shoulders.

I got a purple dress in the same colour too with long sleeves so my arms were matching the leggings. I painted Suction Cup Pad Sucker's white with nail varnish! I then sewed these onto the underneath of each leg and sleeve.

With a bit of help from my friends at work I was able to make the hat construction out of cardboard, again I covered this in polyester wadding and then covered this using double sided tape with purple material, again matching the rest of the outfit. I finished it off with 2 big googley eyes!

But the ultimate finishing touch was attaching fish wire from my wrists onto the next octopus legs, this really confused people, even me! Especially when I went to pick something up, or when I hugged someone all the octopus legs wraped around them too!

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Coolest Octopus Costume 2

by Dee

Octopus Costume

Octopus Costume

My son wanted a giant octopus costume for Halloween. I started with a hooded sweatshirt. I used three pairs of ladies heavy tights for the tentacles. I cut both ends of the tights and sewed one end of each tentacle to a point.

I then stuffed each tight with stuffing. Next I cut out suckers for each tentacle making them larger at the base and smaller to the end. I used a glue gun to attach the suckers. I then sewed each tentacle around the hood of the sweatshirt, three on the front and three in the back. Each of the arms of the sweatshirt are tentacles too so I glued suckers to them also.

I used a foam ball for the eyes. I cut the ball in half and covered each half with white fabric. I used black felt to finish the eyes. I glued the eyes on either side of the hood. I cut small circles of felt to finish decorating the hood. My son loves his costume.

Comments for Coolest Octopus Costume 2

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loved it!
by: Anonymous

I loved this outfit and recreated it for my costume this year. It turned out better than I could have imagined. Bravo to you for being so creative!

by: Aileen

Thank you so much for posting this! I've been trying to come up with a quick and easy Ursula costume and I had everything but the tentacles. This is PERFECT!

by: Anonymous

you are a GENIUUUUS! HAHA!
i go to uni and we have a life saving comp social coming up and the theme is 'under the sea'...and im gonna try recreate that look...I LOVE YOUU! haha :)

by: Poldo

I love this costume and thanks for describing it so well!

Thank you!
by: Kelly

I am going to use your idea for the tentacles to make my Ursula costume this year!

is this for sale?
by: MMS

I'm so NOT crafty but this is exactly what I'm looking for! This is awesome! my son is 4 1/2 and has his heart set on being an octupus.

by: Liz

I made this costume this was an absolute hit with everyone and my son refuses to take it off! I am not a sew-er & am not very creative, and even I could do it! Thank you!

by: Anonymous

Have forwarded the link to this to my daughter who is at Uni and needed an 'under the sea' theme! Brilliant, so many thanks and well done!

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Coolest Octopus Baby Costume 3

by Melanie
(Newport, Washington)

Homemade Octopus Baby Costume

Homemade Octopus Baby Costume

I made this Octopus Baby Costume completely by hand using needle, thread, material, and a bathroom tub mat. I made this for my 1 year old grandson, measured the height he was then cut the material 1 inch above so it wouldn't drag. It was like a dress below the bottom so he could move freely then I sewed each tentacle ensuring they were the same width and height.

I used the bathroom mat (since it has suckers on them) and cut a bunch of them out. I hot glued over 40 suckers to each tentacle. I made the eyes partially see through so my grandson would not be scared and could see through it. I drew in eyes with black marker and white out. For fun I attached a little blue shark and a fish to the tentacles.

This took a long time since I sewed everything by hand. The keys were just a bribe (not apart of the costume) to keep my grandson from crying.

Comments for Coolest Octopus Baby Costume 3

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by: Anu

You have done a wonderful job.

octo baby
by: Anonymous

amazing!! make me one!

Some more detail?
by: Melissa Preston

Hi Melanie

I love this costume and am currently trying to make an octopus costume for my daughter's Christmas pageant (the theme is the Octopus's Garden).

Would you please be able to post some more detail on how you created the head and are the tentacles like a belt or are they sewn on to the dress part of the costume?? I'd love any help you could offer!


by: Sim

I' need to make an octopus costume for my son's school play. Would you kindly provide me with a few more details? My email address is
I would really appreciate your help.

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Coolest Homemade Baby Octopus Costume 5

by Bernadette S.
(Kent, WA, USA)

 Homemade Baby Octopus Costume

Homemade Baby Octopus Costume

This is a Homemade Baby Octopus Costume we made by making a cape with four legs, green circles stitched on for tentacles and purple tights and onsie with more tentacles sewn on to make the other four legs.

We took a purple ski cap and made a pattern for eyes and a big octopus nose!

Comments for Coolest Homemade Baby Octopus Costume 5

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the cutest
by: debibrien

the cutest little octopus I've ever seen!

by: button

thats is absolutely darling

tooo fantastic
by: bev

that must have taken a lot of thought as it is so darling and a smart mommy to make it.

by: Tarapotamus

I want to make this for my son. It's SO much cuter than any other commercial octopus costume. How did you make the "cape"? It didn't choke your baby as she/he crawled around?

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