This homemade Dalmatian costume was a lot of fun but more work than it seems!

It took a whole day to color black dots on the plain white pants. We also used white gloves and colored dots on it as well. For the feet he just wore black slippers. We used a white swim cap and put black latex dots on it to cover his hair and ears.

From the chest up, back, and arms we had to paint him with 3 coats of white latex paint……pain in the but! Once the white was dry we had to go back with black latex paint and make dots all over him. It took about an hour and half to do all coats of paint and let it dry. Once the paint was dry we sprayed latex shine over him in order to make the latex not stick! As for the face we used face paint to give him a doggy face.

Paired with a Cruella De Vil costume, we had the perfect couples costume!