The helmet was made from foam. Get the smooth foam and make a block around the head of the person that its being used for. You then carve the foam block to suit the Kai helmet. Easiest way to carve it is with a hot stake knife. I heated it up on an open flame on my stove. Once I was done carving out the head I used several layers of Acrylic Gesso (8) I then spray painted the helmet ultra glossy red.

The vest is made of 3 layers to get it to look like a Lego chest. 1st layer is a thin foam material, followed by felt, then red pleather. All pieces were glued together and then sewn on the edge so that it wouldn’t come apart. It made it very durable and flexible enough to sit in . I then bought rope and some other material. I made the logo out of yellow sheet of tape

The legs were made of flexible one inch foam and covered with red pleather. The foam was glued with foam glue and the pleather was glued with crazy glue. Crazy glue was the best. I tried several glues.. crazy glue did the job.