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Coolest Jack Skellington Costume 5

by Claire Henebery

Jack and Sally Costumes

Jack and Sally Costumes

I decided to make my children the Sally and Jack Skellington costumes from a nightmare before Christmas for last Halloween. To make the Jack costume, I bought some black trousers, waistcoat and t-shirt as I could not find a jacket suitable at a reasonable price. I painted the white stripes on using fabric paint and then put a white t-shirt under the other t-shirt and waistcoat.

To make the head of the Jack Skellington costume, I cut a hole in a football and sprayed it white with spray paint. I then cut out eye holes and drew the mouth on with black marker pen and put black netting in the eye holes to cover my sons eyes. I made the cat bow tie out of black card and drew the details on with white pen.

For the Sally costumes, I took school dresses and painted each bit of the pattern on by hand. This took about a week of painting in the evenings to complete. I then drew all the stitches on with black pen. If I could sew, I would have done it that way but I can't. I used white tights for the legs and drew stitches on them. I made the wigs out of orange wool which I cut to the required length and then hand-sewed it on to the base of a pair of tights. I then used face paint to do the faces.

Total time was probably about 2 weeks on and off for all 3 costumes and total cost was about $50.

My children won the school costume competition and my 2 eldest won at a party and my youngest won at another party.

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by: MBABE33445566


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Sally from the Nightmare Before Christmas Costume 6

by Amy McCaffery
(Katy Texas)

Sally from the Nightmare Before Christmas Costume

Sally from the Nightmare Before Christmas Costume

Well my daughter just loved the movie The Nightmare Before Christmas and of course she wanted to be Sally for Halloween but after much searching, the store-bought costumes were just not as cool as I thought they should be, so I decided I would make it.

I went to the fabric stores and very carefully picked out all the correct colored velvets to make her dress. I sewed each piece in the exact shape and location as Sally's dress and then using an old nightgown of my daughters as the pattern I sewed all the pieces into a dress. (kind of like she did in the movie!) Then I hand sewed yarn to look like the hand stitching around all of the pieces.

I then painted tights for her arms and legs with "stitching" and painted her face to match using traditional theater paints.

I used waistband elastic and sewed the yarn to it to create her signature red hair.

It was the talk of the neighborhood and town that is for sure! She got so many compliments on it. She was the happiest trick or treater as Sally from the Nightmare Before Christmas!

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love it!
by: megan grant

this costume is wonderful! my daughter is having a nightmare before Christmas birthday, at a pumpkin farm and she wants to be sally for Halloween they don't make a costume in her size and I'm not crafty like this. I would purchase this costume in a heartbeat if I could!

love the costume
by: Kari

Can you go into more detail on the wig? I want to do the same costume for my 10 yr. old this year... she loves the movie and the character! Thanks so much and great job!

Best one I've ever seen
by: Anonymous

This is the most adorable, and most accurate Sally I've ever seen! Good job!

by: Kristie( in Ohio)

I love how you made it! I agree the store bought version is not so great! I have been thinking about making one on my own for several years now...

I plan on making an adult sized one for me hopefully by next Halloween! thanks for the ideas on sewing our own Sally costume!

I am so excited to make it!

by: baxter

thats awsome she looks so proud you did a great job:)

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Coolest Jack Skellington Costume 8

by Charlotte Angel Christine
(Brighton, UK)

Jack Skellington Costume

Jack Skellington Costume

The head of the Jack Skellington costume is made from papier mache over an old crash helmet. Underneath, the plastic visor has been removed and was replaced with thin cereal box card, out of which I cut eyes and a mouth hole.

I added rolled up cardboard to the sides of the helmet to get a more rounded shape, then did a few layers of newspaper papier mache and a final one of white crepe paper. I built up the top of the eyes for expression and sculptured the nose. I highly recommend working from several pictures of Jack's face as he has many expressions! It was then painted black and white.

The bat collar is made from a large plastic bat with additional cardboard "spikes" stuck to the back of it. I then papier mached over this to make them as thick as the bat. This was obviously then painted.

Rob (the model - for whom this costume was made) is wearing his own suit.

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by: JunkSpunkie

That costume is probably the best Jack Skellington costume ever! I'd pay serious money for that.

by: Denise/FL

That is freakin AWESOME! Love it!

by: Nightmare Fan in AZ

WOW is that a nice costume, I love how his head looks, especially the eyes! This is so much better looking than any Jack costume you can buy, those look cheesy to me. 5 stars out of 5 on this!

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