We took two tri-fold presentation boards, 1 red, 1 purple and painted the background with the design of a traditional Nerds box.  We then took a darker shade of purple and black and created the Wonka background to the logo.  We free-handed it with stripes diagonally across the grape box and partially across the cherry box.  We then took foam pieces and cut out the words “Nerds” and “Wonka.”  We took excess box pieces and painted them to look like nerds candy people.  Once all of this was complete we glued it all on then drilled holes in the boxes to tie around with strings.  Finally we painted the words “Grape & Cherry” across the two boxes.

In addition to the boxes we made white t-shirts and wrote “Team Grape 12″ and “Team Cherry 20″ on the back.  The girls shirt was cut into a v-neck for a more feminine look.  To finish off the costumes we purchased our rightful colors suspenders, taped around our glasses, rolled up our jeans and wore socks with sandals.  The final touches to the costume was a folded candy colored handkerchief in the back pocket and a puffy painted bow-tie.