Abby Sciuto. Resident NCIS Forensic Specialist, heart and soul. A paradox wrapped in an oxymoron, smothered in contradiction. Sleeps in a coffin. Really the happiest Goth you’ll ever meet.” – Tony D,
Truth or Consequences 7×1, NCIS

For Halloween I dressed up as Abby Sciuto from the hit TV show, NCIS. I really love the show and Abby and hey, who wouldn’t be a goth forensic scientist for a day if they had a chance?

The costume wasn’t too hard to put together. The hardest part was her hair. I have short brown hair and I don’t have bangs, which is the opposite of Abby’s hair. I found a good wig though with bangs (I was not
about to dye or cut my hair) and put it up in two pigtails.

Abby is goth and wears a lot of black. I found a perfect mini plaid skirt from Savers and a Halloween shirt from Walmart. I wore them with my jeggings, black boots, and black and grey fingerless gloves. My mom
had a lab coat that I added NCIS to.

I made a spiked dog collar and matching bracelet because Abby loves her jewelry. For a candy bag, I made a bag modeled after Abby’s backpack out of cardboard and duct tape. I drew the cross and
painted it red and black. I made sure I had my Caf-Pow, Abby’s favorite caffeinated drink, to make it through the long night. I used a red cold cup with the label on it. Attached to my lab coat, I had my ID to
make it through security.

Finally, I added a spider web tattoo to my neck, just like Abby’s, painted my nails black, and put on some dark makeup. I was ready to be Abby.

Everyone at the party said I looked just like Abby and that I had the best costume of all my friends. I even got a chance to practice my sign language, which Abby knows from her deaf parents. Most everyone recognized who I was, since NCIS is TV’s number one drama. My friends said I looked pretty good with black pigtails and goth makeup and that our personalities matched pretty well. Maybe I
should go goth…