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Coolest Mummy Costume 8

by Tracy
(Hamilton, Ontario Canada)

Best Mummy Ever

Best Mummy Ever

This mummy costume I made for my son Terrell. It wasn't hard to make but looked as if it was. All I paid for were some glue sticks and some fake bugs from the dollar store. This is how I made it.

First I found some old top sheets in my closet, tore them up in strips, filled the laundry tub with hot water and tossed in about 20-30 tea bags, then tossed in the strips of sheets. Left the strips over night and dried them in the dryer in the morning.

I then got some old play clothes of my sons, pants and a shirt. Got the hot glue gun and just started gluing the strips to the old clothes. So he could put it on just like he puts on his pants and shirt. I then wrapped some of the strips around his head and then took them off and just glued a bunch together to make the cover for his head. (I guess you can use an old hat but this was just as easy.) I then got his old play runners and hot glued some of the strips to them.

Then got him to put it on and glued some strips under his arms and tore them a bit to make them look more ragged. I just used some black halloween make-up to put around his eyes, and glued some bugs and spiders to the costume.

Took me about 4 hours in total to make this costume, but cost about $5. Everyone loved this costume and he was happy cause most of the houses he went to gave him more candy for having such a great costume. This year I am making him a scary scarecrow, almost done.

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Nice job Mummy!
by: Jenni

I love this! I'm going to show it to my 7 year old for next year. He wants something kinda scary without being gruesome. You did a great job!

Great ideas!
by: Dab

Made this for my 8 yr old. Tried sewing strips at first but found your instructions using hot glue and that worked so much better!
He loved it! I added some spiders and fake webs and even hung a rubber bat on elastic from under his forearm. Thanks for the idea!

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Coolest Ninja Mummy Costume 9

by Cyndi
(Alberta, Canada)

Homemade Ninja Mummy Costume

Homemade Ninja Mummy Costume

There is a history behind this Ninja Mummy costume. :-)

My 12-year-old son wanted to be a "furry character" for Halloween this year, so I went shopping. I found a great gorilla costume for $39 at a Halloween costume shop, but my hubby saw the price tag & said "Absolutely NOT! He has to do it like I did when I was a kid... make his own. And I am not spending $40 on it either." (obviously, he doesn't spend too much time shopping for costumes)

So, I came home & told my son the news, and we wracked our brains trying to come up with something.

Finally we came up with the idea of using old sheets to become a mummy. Creativity kicked in, and we decided to use some old red sheets that were worn out.

We just used sheets, black gloves, black face paint & a glue gun.

And the Ninja Mummy was born.

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yeah man
by: Anonymous

thats freakin awesome !!!

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Coolest Mummy Costume 10

by Melanie
(Brantford, Ontario)

Mummy Costume

Mummy Costume

My son's mummy costume was a huge hit. I stared with his old karate costume, bought some gauze fabric for $3 at Walmart and used fabric glue.

I cut the fabric into strips about 12"-18" long and began gluing them onto the karate outfit. I left lots of pieces hanging off. I found a bit of netting from a dollar store and glued bits of it on as well. I used his old croc shoes and glued gauze to them.

For his head I used white face paint and tied remaining strips of cloth around his head. I made strong tea & sprayed the entire costume with it to age the material and make it look authentic.

This was a very easy, cheap to make costume and was a huge hit and looked much better than the store bought mummy costumes.

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