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Coolest Mr. Potato Head Costume 5

by Mari
(Phoenix, AZ)

Mr. Potato Head Costume

Mr. Potato Head Costume

Our family did a Toy Story theme for Halloween 2007. Our sons were Woody and Buzz (store-bought costumes, I'm sorry to say) but my husband and I were Mr. Potato Head (me) Zurg (him).

This Mr. Potato Head costume was relatively easy to construct. I bought 2 yards of tan felt for the body. I drew a potato shape, sewing around the edges except for holes for my head, arms and legs. The face pieces were drawn on felt and hot glued on the body.

The hat was made from black poster board that I wrapped around my head. I cut out a circle from the black poster board for the top of the hat as well as a ring for the head band. I just packing taped the pieces together and cut out a slit for my eyes.

The shoes were made from blue foam paper. It took 2 pieces of foam per shoe. I cut an outline on each, measured around my shoes, and packing taped the pieces together. I just slid my foot in through the top of the Potato shoe.

The shirt is simply a white long-sleeved shirt and the gloves are over-sized white puffy gloves.

Total cost: Around $20.

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Cute costume
by: Amber

That is so cute.... I'm going to try to make one similar for my 6 month old... wish me luck. Hopefully it will turn out as cute as this one.

by: Brian

This is great, I am going to try and make this for this Halloween. I'm hoping to make the facial features movable, hopefully using double sided Velcro, but we'll see how it goes.

love it....
by: Anonymous

I love it and am going to get started tomorrow making it!! Where do you get gloves like that though?

by: Terry

Would you sell me both costumes?

Halloween Inspiration
by: Anonymous

Your costumes have given me inspiration! Thanks
and Happy Halloween!

school play
by: patty

I love it. I made it for my granddaughters school play.

by: jeremiah

Your costume is superiffic

Attaching hat?
by: Diane

The costume is delightful! Did you attach the hat to the potato body or does it just sit on top of the head?

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Coolest Mister Potato Head Costume 9

by Chad K.
(Toledo, OH)

Homemade Mister Potato Head Costume

Homemade Mister Potato Head Costume

I first started this Mister Potato Head costume making a wire mold with 2x4 wire fencing. I then sprayed expanding foam (like to insulate around doors and windows) all over the wire. After many coats, I then carved with a saw and sanded until I reached the correct shape. I also put in a trap door in the back to store all the extra parts (like the original).

All the parts were removable and interchangeable. For this I used 2 different size PVC pipes. for the parts I used the same idea with the wire and expanding foam and inserted the PVC into the wet Foam. It took a long time to carve and sand the foam just right, but it was worth it.

Let me know what you think and if you have any questions on how to create your Mr. Potato Head costume.

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by: Greg

Can you maybe write the complete directions for how you made this? Thanks!

Use of Wire and Insulation
by: Dana

I've always wondered about using wire for costumes. How do you shape and hold it in shape? Is it like chicken-wire? How else can you shape it? I saw someone use wire in a float which was the shape of a sneaker.

Also, the insulation looks like puffy foam I am guessing, and then you sand it down. You need an electric sander? I am guessing it is fairly soft?

I'd love to know because I am an extreme costumer too. Thank you.

How To
by: Alex


Can you write your complete directions? How did you make the shoes? Your costume is great!



by: Anonymous

That is so funny. I could never think of something like that.

by: Anonymous

Would you consider making this and selling it? Thanks It looks great!

Mr. PotatoHead Follower
by: Laura

GREAT costume!! I love Mr. PotatoHead!! I definitely want to make this too but like the others, would you be able to send me or even post the directions completely. What happens if you don't have access to sprayable foam? Is their something else you can recommend that can be used instead? Thanks :-)

Mr. Potato head
by: Anonymous

Ur Mr. Potato head looks really good; did u use foam at all for the body cause I need to make one for a child of 7 yr. old

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Coolest Mr. Potato Head Costume 6

by Sara

Mr Potato Head Costume

Mr Potato Head Costume

My son was two and was crazy about his Potato head, so we decided that he would have a Mr. Potato Head costume for Halloween.

I just took brown cotton fabric and made a big sleeve with it and gathered it at the top and bottom and put elastic. I used foam and card board to make the pieces. I also made a fabric flap on the back and ironed on pictures of extra pieces. Just like the real thing!

For his feet I just let him wear his tennis shoes but I covered them with a pair of blue socks. He looked as cute as can be and it was so easy to make.

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what a great idea!
by: Anonymous

My son is 3 and this costume looks like something even I could make! Thanks!

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