My 15 month old’s favorite movie is the Disney movie, Up, so we knew we had to dress him as old man Mr. Carl Frederickson! He has the perfect comb-over hair style that matches Mr. Frederickson’s so well!

This was a great DIY costume because we had some of the pieces on hand. He had khaki pants and a collared shirt and cardigan, just like Mr. Frederickson. We made him a bow tie to go with his outfit (what old man toddler doesn’t look dapper in a bow tie?) I found kids’ sunglasses and spray painted them black and took out the lenses to make them look like old man glasses. This was a difficult piece, because 15 month olds don’t like things on their face, so I had to be creative and make an elastic piece to hook around on the back of the glasses to keep them on his face. He eventually warmed up to them! Mr. Frederickson needs support to walk, as does my newly walking 15 month old, so we made a walker for him out of pipes. We added tennis balls to the bottom, just like Mr. Frederickson does in the movie, to look more authentic. It was so funny watching him walk around with an old man walker! He used it as support just like an old man. Mr. Frederickson also has a soda pop pin, so we made one out of felt and a safety pin for our son’s costume. We added colorful balloons to his walker in memory of the balloons in the movie Up. So many people commented on his costume and thought he was just adorable! A toddler dressed as a popular old man is truly sweet! The best part was watching our little guy act out as one of his favorite movie characters. I am sure he will love seeing pictures of this Halloween in years to come.