I always check sales after the holidays for next years ideas. Last year I bought 2 skeleton tuxedo t-shirts for a couple bucks! Had a couple skeleton masks in my supply box, had a yard sale wedding veil that I added spider earrings and also pinned on a few plastic ones! I had 3 black long stemed roses I had used before (always buy them after the hoilday or yard sales) with colored streamers and colorful package bow. Had a bouquet of black roses I added with a long stem that had a skull on it, this really made a wonderful brides\’s bouquet! Found the red hair wig in my supplies and white sunglasses really completed my outfit! I wore big spiders on my wrists with a rubber band holding it on. I used torn gray cheese cloth drapped over my shoulders for my dress, I didn\’t have a black skirt so I wore black silk pants with lace around the bottom, black nylons and black slipper socks, I could have used freezer tape to make bones on my feet but I didn\’t have the directions to do so this time. We both had skeleton gloves and long black shirts under the t-shirt. I also wore a stran of cheap beads & several on my bouquet. I wore skeleton earrings. I had a blast putting it together! Husband had a corn cob pipe he says helped win the couple prize FIRST PLACE this time! He also wore a velvet black hat that had colored sequiens on it for his Top Hat. We weren\’t scarey, we were just fun! And everybody else thought so too! We were the best dressed couple at the community costume dance! We had all kinds of compliments that night! You should have seen us dancing!  We\’ve gotten first place 3 times now. The more props you have the better and you can use anything around the house, yard sales, goodwill or where ever. Just have fun. This is the wedding I never had as we were actually married by the JP 44 years ago. lol