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Coolest Homemade White Goodman Costume Idea 2

by Mike D.
(Winchester, MA, USA)

Homemade White Goodman Costume Idea

Homemade White Goodman Costume Idea

For Halloween, I channeled the ringleader of the Purple Cobras--the most dangerous dodgeball entity known to man!

How I made this Homemade White Goodman Costume Idea:

With the hair, finding any wig that even remotely resembled Ben Stiller's in Dodgeball proved unsuccessful. I compromised by cropping a mullet wig with curls on top, and fluffed it out a bit.

A Fu Manchu mustache accented the smudge of black grease makeup I thumbed under my bottom lip to resemble that little facial hair White has there.

The headband was actually an old black necktie, that I taped a purple "mini Purple Cobra logo" onto. It was made out of a sheet of foam, the type you'd get for 60 cents at AC Moore.

Knee pads from a dollar store were used to emulate shoulder pads, but as you could tell they weren't made for shoulders. I still liked the way they looked anyways, so I kept 'em.

The actual Purple Cobra logo was one I had drawn into a sheet of violet foam with a pencil. Using White out and a permanent marker I tried to draw it over the pencil marking as accurate as I could to the one in the movie. It was taped on a "shield-cut" cover of a Mead file holder that I punched holes around and pinned into my shirt.

Rounding out the costume were the armband-which was a cut out arm piece of a baby's t-shirt I got at the dollar bin at Target. I found the left "bracelet", which was just a round Velcro fastener.

Finding a dodgeball is not as easy as it sounds, but they sell them at Play it Again Sports for five bucks.

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Coolest Homemade Mad Max Costume

by Jonathan E.
(Anaheim, Ca)

Homemade Mad Max Costume

Homemade Mad Max Costume

Well I started out by acquiring the jacket which I found on Craig's list. Then the pants I found at Hot Topic. The shoulder pad was made from actual football shoulder pads that were modified and riveted directly to the jacket.

The legbrace was made from 2 aluminum strips that I bought at home depot, and the joints were actual knee brace joints from my younger brother's knee brace. The brace is all held to the left leg with three dog collars. The boots were my old motocross boots that were painted flat black for effect. The left boot was modified to hold the bottom of the legbrace with a piece of tubing drilled right through the heel then bolted. The gun holster was made completely out of the right sleeve with two dog collars as straps.

This Homemade Mad Max Costume took little over a month to build and perfect with all the research that needed to be done to get it right. Thank you for reading my description and hope you like as much as I do.

Comments for Coolest Homemade Mad Max Costume

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by: Drake

I didn't even particularly care for the movies,but you did a bang-up job here,man.Hell,I'd be rocking the pants with a cool t-shirt any time of the year!

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Green Eggs and Ham Costume 1

by Michael Pincus
(Yorktown, NY )

Green Eggs and Ham Costume

Green Eggs and Ham Costume

My son's favorite book is Green Eggs and Ham. His name happens to be Sam so he decided he wanted to be Sam-I-am. I thought it would be easy to find the costume on-line to buy. No such luck. I decided to make it.

I sewed the yellow fabric and cut the frills at the bottom. For the tray I bought a silver tray and used green and white modeling clay to make the green eggs and ham. The hat was bought on eBay. It was a limited release years ago from Warner Brothers.

My daughter dressed up as The Cat in the Hat to go along with the theme. We were stopped every two minutes to pose for pictures.

Total Spent: $35

Comments for Green Eggs and Ham Costume 1

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by: Anonymous

Omg nice your really a good sewer

by: Anonymous

I love this!

by: Heather

VERY COOL! This is just what I needed to help me with my sons costume!

Geen eggs and Ham
by: Selina Custodio

How did you create the green eggs and Ham on the plate? I'm a preschool teach and I would love to learn how make your costume

I need a Sam I am costume too.
by: Another Sam

Hey I am Sam, and I too am looking for a Sam I am costume. Sad to say I can't make one like you did. Great job though.


by: Sarah

Are you looking to sell the hat. I am in desperate need of one for a Dr. Seuss parade at school. Please email me and let me know.

Thank you very much.

Thank You
by: Anonymous

Your idea is great, and so easy to make. This was my first time ever making a costume. My son loved it, and I enjoyed making it. More will follow.

by: dr seuss

this photo has to be removed as its is a copyrighted image from my book green eggs and ham. haaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa just kidding! its amazing

Green Eggs and Ham
by: Linda

great idea. Our school is putting on a skit for K4 and K5 students. we will be serving green eggs and ham to the students( we put a little a green food coloring in the eggs) I'm playing Sam. so I will me making my costume and hat just a u did to save money. Keep up the good work. Sewing is so much fun.

Two pieces or one?
by: Erica

Did you just make the "skirt" and pair it with a long-sleeved yellow shirt? Or is the costume more of a one-pieced "dress"?

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Coolest Men In Black Family Costume 2

by Cicley G.
(Marietta, GA USA)

Homemade Men In Black Family Costume

Homemade Men In Black Family Costume

Our family does theme costumes each year, but as the mom of boys...this year we did not agree. They wanted gore, and I wanted cute. So we compromised. They are the Men In Black, and I am their alien. I got the jackets from Goodwill, the sunglasses from a costume shop and bought my green makeup. Antenna are made from pipe cleaners, and the sunglasses cost me $5.

They were happy to look so cool and we had a great time in our Men In Black Family Costume!

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