Preparing for a local “zombie” 5k with my 11 yr old daughter was so much fun!!!  She is such a crazy kid, but look out for her. She is going to be the next big special effects make-up artist in 8-10 years!!

How we made ourselves look disgusting:

1st Bed head-no brushing or styling. How easy is that!!

We applied pale makeup all over our faces, neck and chests.

Using Elmer’s glue and facial tissue we made sores with layers 3 layers of glue saturated tissue. Once dry we covered the paper with our pale makeup and “picked” holes where we wanted our wounds to be. We added black at the base of our “wounds” the purple and deep red. Finishing with a little fake blood to make it look fresh and gross. We added brown contour lines to accentuate bones areas and add to the sunkin rotten look. Of course we splashed a little fake blood in our hair and on our clothes.

I wish I could say we won contest but nope. However we did strike fear in the hearts of many 5k runners and collected 12 “lives” that day!!  One runner even paused, coming to a complete stop to say “great makeup”. It definitely was an amazing time and I would love to do it again in the future!!  We have learned a few things about zombie makeup from this experience though.

  1. If you put zombie makeup, especially glue, anywhere near your mouth it makes eating a delicate and slightly painful task.
  2. You can’t be too pale and you can’t have too much contour.
  3. OMG we needed more blood. Those little tubes run out fast. Even though it is kinda sticky, the more shinny fresh blood the scarier the zombie.
  4. If you are going to be a zombie who requires sunglasses on a bright day, work them into your costume with blood, broken lenses or something. At the event I felt like my sunglasses covered half my face.

Cant wait til next year!!!!!