Ever since I saw the Katy Perry movie, I knew I wanted to be a peacock for Halloween! So I headed to my nearest SAS and Joann’s and got to work! 95% of my Peacock costume is homemade. The only part I didnt sew myself was the dark blue base I used for the top. Lets start from the head and work down.

I took a plain black headband, covered it in sparkly tulle and gems. I added a huge peacock feather and VOILA! simple and cute.  TIP: I used E6000 glue on ALL my crafts. The headband is no different. Since tulle has holes in it, I spread a layer of glue, pressed the tulle on top, then wrapped the whole thing in wax paper and taped it. This allowed me to put pressure on the glue/tulle without making a huge mess and gluing myself to the headband.

The top was originally a form fitting cocktail dress. I cut it into a shirt so I would be able to move more easily. I added gems down the center of the top in a custom pattern to resemble a peacock feather.  TIP: I laid black tulle on top of wax paper and glued the gems directly to the tulle. Once it dried, I peeled it off, trimmed the edges, and hand sewed the pattern to the top. SO much easier and cleaner than trying to glue to the top directly.

Although not seen, I made a pair of teal spandex to go underneath the tutu. SO comfy and much more conservative than rocking the booty shorts. I used a pair of volleyball spandex as a pattern.

The tutu is my pride and glory. It took the longest amount of time and was well worth it. I bought six types of tulle, three shiny/irradecent and three with glitter. The actual tutu is made of two glitter blues and an irradescent green. I sewed the tulle onto a 2in thick strap of elastic. To get a “softer” and more professional look, the tulle was folded over so the exposed edge is really a soft loop of fabric instead of jagged edging. I ordered peacock feathers on EBay and hand sewed those in between the layers of the tutu (I wish I got a better picture of this). I opted to not make a huge fan because I didn’t want it to get damaged and they’re annoying and awkward to try and navigate through bars with. I glued gems in the center of the “eyes” on the feathers. On the green layer I also added green gems. They added a bit of sparkle and glowed under black light!

To add to the “bird tail” idea, I made a train out of the remaining tulle. The train was sewn directly to the back of the top. The tutu was not sewn in so that I could drive and such without crushing it. So the train is made of three different colors of tulle is cascading levels down the back. The tops of this tulle is sewn so it sticks above the tutu in a mini fan look.

Last minute I decided to use my fabric scraps to make a lil clutch to carry my phone and cards in. I don’t have a good picture of it, but its made from the lining of the top and is decorated with gems and a peacock feather.

If you have any questions or want more details on how I made the tutu feel free to comment below and I’ll gladly answer.