I fell in love with the stuffed leapord I found at a flea market and thought it would be a fun costume to put together! I went to good will and yard sales and found a scarf, leapord hat, blouse, purse, slippers and a little baby leapord (it’s in the little leopard purse inside the big leapord bag. I made the long tail and put a red ribbon on it to match my outfit. I made my paws and sewed them on my silk gloves. I put a red ribbon on my date’s neck. Don’t you love his eyes! I wore a blonde curly wig I had in my box of treasures from yard sales. and I bought the mask after hoildays for just this occassion. The most time it took was making the tail and paws, everything else was easy. I WON FIRST PLACE at the costume dance party. Everyone loved to watch my tail when I danced. Everyone loved my costume! So easy to wear and fun looking for the pieces to put together.