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Coolest Ever Minnie Mouse Costume Ideas

As a little girl, I would watch The Mickey Mouse Club on television. I have always adored Minnie and Mickey Mouse and all of the Disney characters. I would make sure to watch any Disney specials that came on television.


My parents had a large family and they could not afford to take all of us to see Disney On Ice show. When I got married and had children of my own (three daughters) they also loved the Disney characters. We have had every movie made by Disney, first on VHS, then on DVD. I would take them to see the Disney On Ice shows too. On one event, Toy Story on ice came to town and my mom and I got together and took twelve grandkids to the production. It was memorable evening and all the children loved their souvenirs. The Minnie Mouse ears in the photo were brought at that show. The Minnie Mouse ears are about fifteen years old. My daughter saw them in some stuff that was packed away. Thus, when Halloween came, my daughter Danielle wanted to be Minnie Mouse. Also, she was having a costume contest at both of her jobs. Her co-workers loved her costume and at the other job, small children and grown-ups were stopping her and asking to take pictures of her and with her. She won both contest. It was worth the time and effort that went into making the Minnie Mouse costume.

For the top, I used a red and white poke-a-dot fabric and used a simple blouse pattern. Danielle is also wearing a long black sleeve shirt underneath. I suggest if you are going to make a poke-a- dot top similar to one I did to cut it out one size bigger, so there’s room for the black shirt to go underneath. As far as the skirt, the red and white poke-a-dot fabric I used for the underskirt. Underneath, she is wearing an eight layer tulle skirt. The bloomers are made out of white posh fabric with a white lace trim at the bottom.

The tail is made out of black felt fabric and filled with polyester fiber fill and a wire so that it curled at the bottom. The challenging part of this costume was getting the 24 inch wire through the fiber fill. It was hard to find yellow shoes to go with the costume. We decided to use an old pair of shoes and cover them with lemon yellow fleece fabric. Then I made the bows for the shoes and filled them with polyester fiber fill too.

Last-Minute Minnie Mouse Costume

At 8:30 pm the night before Halloween, I decided I wanted to wear a costume to work the next morning.

  • Last-Minute Minnie Mouse Costume
  • Last-Minute Minnie Mouse Costume
  • Last-Minute Minnie Mouse Costume
  • Last-Minute Minnie Mouse Costume
  • Last-Minute Minnie Mouse Costume

I had just gotten home from the gym to find that my husband wasn’t at home. I called him and discovered that he was across the street from Wal-mart. When he asked if I needed anything, I replied, “Wellllll while you’re out….” I had him purchase crazy, fluttery fake eyelashes and glue (that was fun because he didn’t even know where in the store to find them), white shoes, yellow spray paint, white winter gloves, red polka-dot ribbon, and a pair of Mickey Mouse ears from the kids’ party section. Thankfully, I already had a red polka-dot dress, black panty hose, and lots of black eyeliner.

First, I spray painted the white canvas shoes bright yellow. With all the windows open and a fan blowing on them, the shoes surprisingly dried in no time! They looked amazing! So many people asked where I managed to find yellow shoes. When I told them, “I didn’t. I spray painted white shoes,” they were floored. They looked as if I had bought them that way! At the shoes only cost me $8 including the spray paint. Next, I tied the red ribbon around the Mickey Mouse ears to turn them into Minnie Mouse ears.

The hardest and most time-consuming part was doing Minnie’s makeup. I woke up extra early for work and still ended up being late because I wanted the makeup to look perfect. I used lots of blush to make my cheeks look more cartoon cheeks, drew cat eyes along my lashes with eyeliner, applied the fake eyelashes and copious amounts of mascara, covered my lips with red lipstick, and then drew a black circle on the tip of my nose with eyeliner. It was hard to remember not to touch my face during the day, especially with white gloves on! I received tons of compliments! Some people didn’t even recognize me!

The best part was meeting with contractors who had just completed a job that I had to inspect. They were gleefully surprised to have a Disney character inspect their work!

Homemade Minnie Mouse Costume

I built the head out of scrap wire as I worked for an electrician and masking tape, which I then covered with bondo and sanded.

  • Homemade Minnie Mouse Costume
  • Homemade Minnie Mouse Costume
  • Homemade Minnie Mouse Costume
  • Homemade Minnie Mouse Costume

I then painted it to match the pictures of Minnie that I had. I then covered the open holes for the mouth and the eyes with sheer black fabric so that I could see some. The visibility wasn’t great. But the head made the costume. Unfortunately, it was so heavy that my shoulders ached from wearing it all day. I got really great reactions from everyone when I handed out candy on our town square for the city spook parade.

I also made the dress from the only red and white polka dotted fabric that I could find in our little town. I did cheat and buy the hands somewhere online.

It was an amazing costume.

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