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My daughter is wearing this Medusa costume. She wanted to be something or someone scary for Halloween. So after some thinking we came up with Medusa.

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For the costume we used black leggings (which I pulled fishnet hose over and spray painted green to make it look like scales), black combat boots, black fishnet gloves, a gold cami, and I spray painted cheesecloth and wrapped it around her and tied it on with a brown garter to look like a worn toga.

For her hair, I used a black wig and either tied or hot glued hand carved snakes. I also spray painted the bottom of the hair gold. And I also used strips of cheesecloth with "blood" and put in the wig along with other embellishments like spiders, roaches, and moss.

To make the snakes I used styrofoam balls and carved snake heads and then glued them to mesh piping. After they were done I spray painted them either green or gold. For accessories we got a dollar store gold snake necklace and gold snake earrings. I also used temporary tattoos and placed them on her arms and chest.

For her makeup I used fishnet hose on her forehead and dabbed green face paint to make it look like scales. I then used heavy eye makeup and tried to make a cat like eyes. After the eyes were done, I used a green shimmer loose eye shadow and brushed her face a neck to give her face a slight shimmer. We also placed a small mp3 player in her wig and had it repeat a snake hissing.

Her Medusa costume was a huge hit at the local Halloween festivities. Kids and adults loved her costume. I'm not sure if the end result is as "scary" as we were going for in the beginning but it definitely looks like a Medusa costume!


ChildCost: $50-$100Individual Woman/Girl CostumeMore Than a Week

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Susan M.
Buford, GA

Homemade Medusa Costume

I was thinking of a Halloween costume to wear to work. My husband and I just watched Clash of the Titan's on the TV when I thought of a Medusa costume. I have to be original and crafty because this is the type of person I am.

At first we were just going to get some rubber snakes and tie them together and wear a toga sheet but I had to go all out. I wanted the tail and makeup too. I started with the hair piece. I found a Styrofoam ball that was about the same size as my head. I took newspaper, flour and water and made paper machete over the ball just like a hat. I cut different lengths of the wire and wrapped newspaper around each to resemble snakes. Dipped them in the flour and water and let dry over night.

After they were dry I poked the wire sticking out of one side of the snakes into the hat and paper mached over them to cover any holes or exposed wire. I painted with regular spray paint (5 total for entire costume) with black and a hint of hunters green and painted yellow eyes.

For the tail I found a noodle that you swim with and used this to shape the tail. I used the wire and balls of newspaper to get the form then paper mached over them. For the body I took an old skirt and cut wire and sewed the wire to the skirt to hold the form. This part took several days and many thick layers of paper machet. I left the bottom hollow so I could walk.

To attach the tail and the body I added more wire and duct tape to form from the size of the body to the size of the tail. I then paper mached over the entire thing again to get a good form.

I used regular spray paint, mostly black on the back with strips of green and a tan on the belly just like a snake.

Homemade Medusa Costume

The entire Medusa costume was like a cast. In order to get into it I had to get on a table and have a friend help me lower myself down into it. I sewed elastic inside the skirt to strap over my shoulders to hold it up while I walked. The Toga was made from an old sheet I found at a thrift store. For the body paint I used washable poster paint and painted my back arms hands face neck and feet. The halberd I actually bought on clearance.

I got more than laughs at work when I was fully dressed in my costume. I actually won 2nd place. But that is another story.

Total Spent: $17

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