My husband has always loved the movie Mask. We have often talked about what a cool Halloween costume this would make. Although for years we put it off because it seemed too difficult to achieve. We always go all out for Halloween. I have become pretty handy with makeup and other costume items so I thought that I would give making a prosthetic a try. After hours of research and some youtube videos, I made it happen. I made a plaster cast of my husbands face, which he suprisingly was patient about. I then molded the Rocky Dennis face features onto the mold with clay.

Then I poured gelatin onto the clay mold, which is messy. I then peeled off the gelatin and brushed liquid latex into the gelatin mold. Once the latex was dry, I peeled it from the gelatin, and tada, a Rocky Dennis mask to fit his face. It took about 2 weeks to get the mask made. Then my husband sat in the makeup chair for 3 hours while I fitted the mask to his face and put makeup on the latex to make it look like skin. He looked amazing. I kept forgetting he had the makeup on and when I would leave the room and come back, I would get startled by his face.

The clothing was all purchased from thrift stores to complete the look. This was also his first wig experience, which he did well. He looked amazing. People who had seen the movie recognized him right off. I had never seen this costume done before, so we got a lot of people telling us what nice work we had done. I went with the Rusty Dennis look, Rocky’s mother in the movie. Although this was not as difficult.

Clothing purchased from thrift stores and wig, was really all it took to complete my look. I was proud that I had made this costume happen for my husband. Now I am not afraid to make more prosthetic’s considering I now have a mold of his face.