This year, 2010, my husband and I went as Mary Poppins and Bert in a classic DIY Mary Poppins couple costume. I actually had some good Mary Poppins and Bert couple Halloween costume ideas and inspiration from this site! :-)

Making the Mary Poppins Couple Costume

For Mary…

  • I found her blouse and skirt at a thrift store $2
  • Her coat was gray and I spray painted it black because it was polyester and wouldn’t hold black dye. coat $7 spray paint $1
  • Gloves came from thrift store $1
  • Found bow tie at thrift store for 25 cents and sewed on a safety pin
  • I made her carpet bag from material, I found for 50 cents at thrift store, a belt (handles) 75cents and an old purse for the clutch opening $2
  • Made her umbrella by spray painting $1 an old umbrella black and hand making a parrot head out of polymer clay $6 (Wal-mart). I already had paint (acrylic) and I then glued it on the handle
  • The tassel was found at a thrift store for 25cents.
  • I already had black tights and the black shoes (which I found at Wal-mart about 3 years ago for $15)
  • I found a white infant hat at a thrift store $1 sprayed it black $1, then bought daisies and berries at Michaels and hot glued them in place. $2.50
  • The hippie wig I found at at Wal-mart for $8 and transformed it with hairspray and bobby pins to be Mary’s hair.

Making Bert’s Costume

  • His pants were actually an old pair of my moms from years ago. lol but they worked
  • His coat was from a thrift store $3
  • Red sash, free at thrift store
  • Dyed one of my husband’s old shirts black with r.i.t dye. $3
  • Found his hat at thrift store for $5
  • Used his own shoes
  • For his chimney sweep broom I used
    • a thin curtain for $2
    • a Styrofoam piece $1
    • a dollar store broom $1
    • spray paint $1
    • electrical tape (I already had)
    • I pulled the bristles out of the broom and stuck them in the Styrofoam in the shape I needed. Then, I used the rod to poke a hole in the Styrofoam and hot glued the rod in. I then sprayed it black and after it dried, covered the rod with the electrical tape.

I hope you enjoy our Mary Poppins couple costume and good luck on your own! :-)

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