I found my dress for this cheap but luscious homemade Marilyn Monroe costume at a thrift store for 5 dollars. I went to the store and found this blonde wig for 6 dollars. It was medium length, and curly. I took some pins, and wrapped it around to the length I wanted to make it for Marilyn. I looked online at how she wore her makeup, and of course had to draw the mole on my face.

We went to a huge Halloween Party, and everyone loved it, and of course knew who I was immediately. The gloves I found at the store as well, I believe those were about 3 dollars. I really liked the costume because it was very recognizable, yet comfortable. I was able to dance all night, and not worry about slipping out of the dress or anything. I wore some small comfortable heels under the dress. It was definitely one of my favorite costumes, and didn’t take much money at all to make!