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Contest-Winning Mad Hatter Costume Ideas

Here’s my husband in his Mad Hatter costume from Alice and wonderland. I originally started with the theme when I decided I wanted to be the Alice character, so I thought it would be neat to add the Mad Hatter which was homemade. Both of my daughters wanted to get in on it so one wore a rabbit costume that was pretty much homemade and one was the queen of hearts. Her dress was bought but I created a cape to go with the dress, and the Alice costume was bought.

  • Contest-Winning Mad Hatter Costume
  • Contest-Winning Mad Hatter Costume

The most work was on the Mad Hatter costume. It took me roughly two weeks to complete, but forming all the things that were home made took around two months. I also created a king of hearts cape and crown, but unfortunately it wasn’t worn because the person supposed to wear it became sick

To create the Mad Hatter costume, I bought a suit jacket and dress shirt from a thrift store, as well as long tube socks, scrap material and ribbon. The hat was made from card board and a round box you put together to hold envelopes at a wedding. Probably half of the cloth material was bought second hand and half I already had on hand

The Mad Hatter costume pants were some of my husband’s old dress slacks as well as the shoes. The buttons on the jacket were some I already had and the ammo that he wore on his chest was old spools of thread I borrowed from my Mom as well as the feathers on his hat that we collected from the chickens she raises.

Once I had the jacket, I removed the original buttons and replaced with different shapes and colors and added the cloth material to it in various places and added lace material from an old curtain to the shirt cuffs. The pants I cut off at the shin and added some stuff ribbon type material.

Once the enormous hat took shape (way my husband wanted that big and it made the costume a BIG hit!), I took a large piece of orange material and covered it and hot glued it underneath. I then placed the feathers, ribbon, hat pin and tag on it. To help hold the hat on his head, I used an embroider hoop and hot glued a toboggan inside it.

The hair was made from some blond curly doll hair I had on hand and pillow stuffing I dyed orange and hot glued to the hat. The make up was bought and I painted his face. I looked online to find instructions on the best way to do this.

Everything I had to buy roughly was between $7 And $9 with the jacket costing/the most – it was a whopping $4. Everything else was between a quarter to $2.

To me, I think the makeup was the hardest part but making this Mad Hatter costume pretty much from scratch was well worth it. The Mad Hatter costume drew tons of attention Halloween night and won two contests, almost three. The first contest there were 15 to 20 people competing and there was a tie for first place between him and a female vampire, but he took the win. The second contest there were between 25 – 30 people with him being one of the last 2 people standing, but the winner went to someone else. And the third contest we made it to was a couples contest and we won that one together as Alice and Wonderland!

So all and all it turned out great and everywhere we went people wanted their picture taken with the Mad Hatter so I’m already thinking about what I want us to be next year! I had much fun creating this theme it was very relaxing and enjoyable!

Awesome DIY Female Mad Hatter Costume

Inspired by the Johnny Depp Mad Hatter. This costume took several weeks to put together. I live in the middle of nowhere Alaska with few shopping options, so almost all of the items to make this costume were ordered online (thread, buttons, lace, hat, paint, beads, tulle etc).

  • Awesome DIY Female Mad Hatter Costume
  • Awesome DIY Female Mad Hatter Costume

Mad Hatter costume Skirt: I loved the Depp Hatter’s pants, but I wanted a more feminine look for the costume. After searching for pinstripe skirts, I recalled having one already in my closet. I bought some embroidery thread and hand embroidered the bottom skirt with a similar design that was on the Hatter’s pants. Then I hand stitched about three inches of Kelly Green tulle to the bottom of the skirt to add some length.

Mad Hatter costume Footwear: I used my husband’s old military boots. I just added some fluorescent orange laces to add some color. I paired the boots with a pair of striped knee high socks that I already owned.

Mad Hatter costume Jacket/Vest/Shirt: I found a used green velour jacket for $15. Not a lot of modifications to the jacket. I removed the buttons, and put on three different colored/shaped buttons. A small detail but really added some color. I added several bright colored ribbons to the one side of the jacket and attached them with a safety pin. I found a bright orange scarf, trimmed it to the correct length and attached it to the inside of the pocket with a safety pin. I found a wool vest at a second hand shop for l$5. I would have liked something a little brighter but it fit perfect for the look I was going for. The tank top underneath was something I already owned in my closet. The necktie was purchased online. I made some lace cuffs for the outfit, which were pieces of lace hand stitched to elastics I had made into bracelets. It made it really easy to take them off/on.

Mad Hatter costume Bandolier: I would have loved to have made my own bandolier however getting enough spools of thread in time was not going to happen, so I purchased an already made thread bandolier. If I could have done anything different, I would have planned further in advance and made my own. Next time...

Mad Hatter costume Hat: This is where I spent most of my time and enjoyed every second of it! I purchased a black magicians hat from a costume shop. First I tried spray-painting it green. That didn’t work at all. But it did leave the black felt with a matte finish on it. Then I tried apple green acrylic paint to paint the entire hat. It took about 3 coats to get it fully covered. I used hot glue to glue on a few patches onto the hat. The largest patch on the front was a piece of lace from the stuff I had made the cuffs with. I painted the lace with the green acrylic paint once it was attached to the hat. Next I took some yellow paint and rubbed it onto the hat to make it look more aged. I used my finger and a piece of paper towel to rub in the yellow paint.

Next, I purchased some cheap beads for $1. I used some scrap 18-gauge wire from the garage to make the hatpins by sticking the ends of the wire into the beads. I used hot glue to secure the hatpins to the hat. On the other side of the hat, I used hot glue to attach an ostrich feather and a pheasant feather. For the 10/6, I used a piece of thick cardstock from some junk mail and black sharpie. Instead of cutting the cardstock with scissors, I tore it with my hands on each side. Then I took a lighter and burned all around the edges to make it look more aged. I attached the 10/6 with hot glue too. I found a pink scarf for $3 and used that for around the hat. The hat looked done but not quite polished.

Probably the most time consuming part of all – I decided to use the embroidery thread on the hat. I hand stitched bright embroidery thread around all the patches on the hat. Then I hand stitched around the brim of the hat with embroidery thread. That really completed the look of the hat.

Mad Hatter costume Hair: I had purchased an orange wig but really wanted to do my own hair for the night. I used my flat iron to curl my hair and ran my fingers through the curl to give it more volume. Then I took a can of orange hairspray and coated my entire head. Note: if you’re going to use colored hairspray, spray it on before you get dressed and before you do your makeup. Otherwise you’ll have it all over your costume and make up. I have thin shoulder length hair, and I used an entire can of orange hairspray.

Mad Hatter costume Makeup: I blended white Halloween makeup with regular face cream. It makes your face look brighter without being totally white. Then I used some pink eye shadow for the top of my eyes, and a layer of orange eye shadow on the lids. Blue and black eye shadow under the eyes. A couple coats of mascara. A few coats of bright pink lipstick. I painted my fingernails with whatever bright nail polish I had in my house. That was it.

I had a lot of compliments on myMad Hatter costume; and several strangers came up wanting to take pictures with me too.

New and Old Mad Hatter Mash-Up Costume

Where to begin telling you about my Mad Hatter costume? Well, I found the green velvet trench coat years ago in 2000 on eBay, but wasn’t sure what to do with it or how to make it something I could enjoy. Then, the new Johnny Depp Alice In Wonderland movie came out, so I finally had an idea.

  • New and Old Mad Hatter Mash-Up Costume
  • New and Old Mad Hatter Mash-Up Costume

I prefer the green outfit of the original animated Mad Hatter from Disney, so I decided to do a mash-up.

People absolutely loved the thread spool bandolier I found and my black/white/red card suite socks. I made the smaller hat from a lime green one I found online to help keep the larger one in place. I had to take apart a pillow to recover it with the right dark green.

I also found pin striped dark green pants which I put wire around the bottom to make them bell out. I could only find green slippers, so I put heart pins on the back and bangles on the top. The pink flamingo in my pocket is a Jack in the Box toy and the Cheshire Cat came from Japan because I couldn’t find one here in the U.S. that looked enough like him.

The Alice doll on my shoulder is an Alice In Wonderland Barbie and the caterpillar with hookah on the other shoulder, 100% hand knitted, I got from

I whited out my face and used green makeup to accent my eyes and lips, as well as green fingernail polish.

I had a lot of fun putting thisMad Hatter costume together. The hair and eyebrows make it warm, but the silk shirt helps keep the coat from being too warm. I won first prize at the Wal-Mart costume contest in 2012 and I just had a couple request that I perform their wedding on 10-17-14 as the hatter, which I did.

I’m sure I’ll use my Mad Hatter costume again!

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