This is an adult halloween “Macho Man” Randy Savage costume I made last Halloween to pay tribute to the late wrestler “Macho Man” Randy Savage who passed away in 2011. I took a suit jack and painted it gold. I then added green/yellow ribbon and zebra print to the jacket as well as the Macho Man on the back. The letters are made from glitter foam. I then took an under armor gold shirt and sewed on some zebra print to the right side of the the shirt. I put on zebra tights and cut up gold tights over. I then took two pieces of elastic and added gold/green ribbon to make boot tassels.

To make the hat I bought a cowboy hat from WalMart. I then spray painted it gold. I added gold/green ribbon to the back, zebra patterns along the hat and finished it with a glitter foam M. The final additions were the sunglasses which I painted, green athletic tape around my hands and the WCW championship.

The best part for me was definitely the jackets. I loved the final look and how the ribbon flowed. The hardest part would have to be the boot tassels trying to make them stay. I finally sewed and stapled them to make them work. I presented this costumes at an 80’s Halloween party at my work and it was a hit! I actually also ran into a man dressed as Hulk Hogan who was floored by my costume. Enjoy!