I love all Johnny Depp movies and have been thinking about making an Edward Scissorhands costume for awhile, until I finally decided to take the plunge. I saw a cute girl version pre-made costume online, but then decided that’s just not me I love the hunt and the creation of bringing a character to life, so I did!

I started with just a black mock turtle neck from the thrift store and a pair of $5 black vinyl leggings. When it came to belts, I decided I didn’t wanted a lot, but not the cost of even thrift store belts, so I bought black vinyl fabric, wooden circle rings, metal oval rings, and gold brads. After spray painting them all gold, I then just started layering crazy rings and belts all over the bodice and legs using different movie pics to get the most authentic look possible.

Finally, I knew I needed buttons so I bought candy dots to spray paint gold and top off the look. The best part, I was able to recycle pieces of a previous Bellatrix Lestrange costume.

After the outfit was finally complete I needed scissor hands, of course these were simply foam board painted silver and cloth gloves. The look was completed with super teased hair, luckily I already have plenty of crazy hair to make that happen, and a full face paint. It took some trial and error, but I think I found the perfect scar material, in simple purple glues sticks with the lightest foundation I could find. Party time!

Well, first I had to grab ice so I ran into 7-11 the attendants just stared, and then said thanks for livening up their shift , and that it looked just like the movie. All night people were commenting on the costume, how cool it looked and how do you use those hands? Holding a beverage was entertainment for everyone. I make a lot of costumes but have never had so many random strangers come up to me. What a fun night!