This Loonette from Big Comfy Couch Halloween costume wasn’t as hard as I thought it would be to make. I purchased the jumpsuit, long sleeve shirt, hat, wig, pack sack at Salvation Army store.

For the jumpsuit I dyed it pink and put Velcro in the back (for washroom purposes), lol. I added purple ribbon around the edges of folding with glue sticks. I also did this to edges on long sleeve shirt. I dyed the shirt also and then painted the faces and moons on with acrylic paint. For the hat I painted it purple and cut out holes and had used 2 wigs on each side. I put them in red elastic pony tails before added the glue to stick in holes. For my shoes I glues 2 moons on the top of black clogs I also had for an old costume.

I painted faces and moons also on my pack sack. The biggest purchase was the Molly doll that I had ordered of eBay, it was all worth it and was funny when you do the clock dance.

I only did the paintings on my eyebrows and freckles. I added a clown nose and ta da, away I went.